I have this character trait that is probably odd/weird/annoying to those that don’t actually write on their own personal finance blog; I feel literally guilty when I even think about the action of purchasing items I don’t need.  It is almost like buyer’s remorse prior to actually purchasing the item.  But it gets worse, I will plan and plan for the purchase, and then never pull the trigger!  The problem is that I am not sure if it is one of those feelings to even go away, I mean they keep me from being acting on my baser urges to join the “Jonses

Example of feeling Guilty Prior to making a Purchase

I have been been making strides destroying it when it comes to the The Family’s Finances, and most of our gains is from the work I do at night which includes this blog and a few other side ventures, so as a Thank You The Wife gave me “permission” to go pick up a new television.  Even though I am the captain of this financial ship I am not about to buy a four digit item without checking in with The Wife.

Besides, I think this was really a gift for her since she watches more TV than I do; just like the BBQ she got me for my first father’s day which now means I cook more and she doesn’t have to cook/clean the kitchen.

Notwithstanding my cynical feelings, I have now spent probably close to 5 hours researching plasma’s, LEDs and Smart TVs (not 3D TVs since I don’t want one).

Along the way I have put up various barriers:

  • I’ll add to a separate ING account all the cash after I save $2,000 for our next house and once that is enough I’ll buy it
  • I’ll add to an account all the cash after I save $2,000 for our next house, and pay off another 15% of my smaller student loan account
  • I’ll add to an account all the cash after I save $2,000 for our next house, and pay off another 15% of my smaller student loan account and just save $200/month in that separate account until I can afford the TV I want

The last justification is when I started to think why am I putting up all these road blocks? I work my ass off and The Wife gave her blessing on such a large buy why can’t I pull the purchase? and looking deep into the essence of Evan, I think it has to do with waste.

I have a perfectly good television hanging on my wall, why get another one? What will I do with that one? Move it up to the bedroom.  Then what of the bedroom television? It is perfectly good.  I have a problem throwing things away so that will be stored somewhere.

This isn’t just a television “problem” I do it with computers.  I have a great laptop that I actually won a year ago over at CoupleMoney how do I just get rid of it and replace it? What would I do with the one I am using which is perfectly fine for the work I do on it?

The feeling I get is literally one of pure “mom is yelling at you” guilt.  How could I be so wasteful? How could I buy a new TV when that money can be used to increase my savings?

Considering all the non-wealthy people I see joining a $120/month gym by me and buying iPads when they already have a working laptop that they don’t do anything on, I feel like I am one of the only people out there with this internal spending conscious! Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut be happy someone is keeping this spending society well oiled.