There are certain types of businesses that are not currently legal in most of the Country, and it makes no sense to me.  The only justifications I can come up why these types of businesses are illegal are tradition and/or a particular 3rd party trying to keep market share.  Obviously my examples below are inherently limited as to my values which, granted, may be pushing the limits for some while restraining to others.

Why are These Businesses Illegal?

Sports Gambling

Why is sports gambling still illegal in the US?  Is it to deter gambling? This is just bullshit.  Literally, anyone in America can place a sports bet offshore, and this happens despite of SPECIFIC legislation to try and stop it. Besides, I don’t think there is a person in America more than 250 miles from a casino to place a different kind of bet whether it is a slots only type casino or one with table games.  Even the local and State government run their own form of gambling in the form of the lottery.  Who didn’t “gamble” when Powerball was above a billion and a half dollars a few weeks ago?

Is it because we care what other countries think of us? Sports gambling is legal in the UK, and the underlying companies are even traded on their exchange!

According to the Washington Post,

While nearly $4 billion is bet on sports legally in Las Vegas yearly, an estimated $80 billion to $380 billion is wagered illegally through a shadow industry of offshore online betting houses, office pools and neighborhood bookmakers

Even if we take the low end of $80,000,000,000 that is a tremendous amount of tax dollars not being claimed as income.  Bring it above board. Legalize it, regulate it (to an extent) and tax it (to an extent)!


Prostitution has been around as long as humans have written down history.  In it its most basic form it is a service contract between two willing and able parties.  What do I care if the “thing” someone wants to sell is their body?

To say that prostitution should be illegal because of a sex trafficking, seems like a red herring argument to me.  Imagine if all those officers that are busting guys for getting a happy ending massage put their skill and experience into something that should actually be stopped like indentured servitude and trafficking of minors.

Make the sellers get tested and tax the transaction.

Recreational Marijuana

Taking a step towards logic, States are starting to decriminalize and some are actually making recreational marijuana legal.  My guess is that in my lifetime it will be legal in the majority of States.  Again, I can’t figure out *why* weed is illegal? It can’t be a safety thing! I have never read anything to say it was anywhere near as dangerous as alcohol.  The fact that we use our officers and prisons to regulate this currently illegal drug is almost maddening.  Is it because a gateway drug? states that while hard drug users may have used marijuana first,

…most people who use marijuana do not go on to use other, “harder” substances. Also, cross-sensitization is not unique to marijuana. Alcohol and nicotine also prime the brain for a heightened response to other drugs and are, like marijuana, also typically used before a person progresses to other, more harmful substances.

Again, legalize it and tax it!


Are there any other businesses you believe should be legalized?