How to Pay Less for Essay Writing Services: 5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Help

by Evan

At times, students cannot cope with a lot of assignments they receive from their teachers and professors. To cope with them all and meet their academic goals, smart students look at all available chances to solve the issues. Self-education is one of the keys but it may be not enough, especially when you have an urgent task. Thus, online help is the fastest and most obvious way out. Notwithstanding, the matter of price may be a huge disadvantage.

Online help should be paid in almost every case. Sometimes, academic essay writing services or individual ghostwriters set prices that are unaffordable for some students. Even though the price policy is not that expensive, it may be a problem for many people. If you want to run cheap but still get the help of high quality, read our helpful guide. It contains 5 budget-friendly recommendations on how to get cheap but effective help.

Take a look at our list of recommendations:

  1. Find reasonable offers.
  2. Order free sample.
  3. Look for discounts.
  4. Pay for certain parts.
  5. Customize your order.

You can combine all these options to get cheap or even chargeless help. They are simple and beneficial. Let’s discuss and analyze them all to provide more insights.

Recommendation #1

Your target number one is to make preliminary research. Just as you look for data before you begin to write your essay, you should find available offers. You should not be hasty or you’ll choose something expensive. There are various companies that have different price policies. It’s quite possible that two competent writing companies write papers of the top quality but their pricing strongly differs. Therefore, get as much data as you can and compare the options.

Recommendation #2

One of the best ways to save your money is to get free samples. They can be found in excess on the Internet. Private writers and big platforms offer their clients all types of academic papers. They are necessary to convince their clients that the quality of all writers is high. Of course, they are given for free. Besides, you can find different educational websites that offer free samples too.


Such samples are copyrighted. Accordingly, they cannot be used by students as their own projects. They serve as examples of how to compose this or that piece of writing. You can learn a lot from them. Pay attention to the structure, word choice, style, the way examples are implemented into the text, how to make correct quotations and so on. Find the required paper, make notes and analyze them. Afterward, use them in your own projects.

Recommendation #3

You should not miss the opportunity to get some discounts. Almost every academic writing company offers its clients some discounts. They are commonly given to the newcomers and the most loyal clients. The longer you collaborate with a company the more benefits you enjoy. Some companies likewise offer discounts to people who place big orders. Don’t forget about this possibility.

Recommendation #4

Mind that you are not obliged to pay for the full paper. You’re free to order whatever part of an essay you want. Moreover, you may need a certain service. For example, you want to rewrite some parts of your paper or edit them. You are welcome to make such an order. The cost of every quality essay writing service is different. Accordingly, you can save a lot of money because you won’t order the full paper.

Of course, if you need the full paper you can order only certain parts. You may not have enough money to buy it. Therefore, you may but the introduction and thesis statement. After you receive the needed sum, you can buy the main body paragraphs and at the end, the conclusion and list of references. It’s up to you to decide what to buy and in what order.

Recommendation #5

It’s of great importance to find writing companies that allow full customization of the orders. This sets a client in the full charge of his/her order. We’ll explain its importance. First of all, fill out the order form. It contains some fields that should be obligatorily specified. These are as follows:



  • The type of your paper (essay, dissertation, case study, article review, coursework, etc.);
  • The kind of help (writing, editing, citing, referencing, proofreading, etc.);
  • The length (your company may measure the size counting words, lines, pages or characters);
  • The deadline;
  • Personal helper (native or non-native speaker);


Afterward, use an online calculator to sum up the total cost of your order. If the price doesn’t suit your financial possibilities, change some of your demands. Every point affects the price.


For example, the types of papers and kinds of academic help have different prices. A dissertation will be more expensive than a common essay. The length and deadline also affect the total cost. The longer your order is the more fees will be charged. If you set a long deadline, the price will be cheaper compared to an urgent order.


As you can see, the possibility to customize the order is really important. Some websites don’t provide freedom of choice and you are forced to follow their rules and restrictions. Make sure that your choice guarantees the required freedom. Change the demands of your own order until the price suits your pocket and save the money.


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