Krav Kick


I am not sure if it is sad or not, but my main hobby is this blog and building my online empire, however, as many people would guess that it isn’t a very physical hobby.  Then throw in the fact that I sit at a desk all day and it all equals a not very healthy Evan.  Something must change. 

The very thought of joining a gym completely bores me as I have a gym I already don’t go to in my complex, so I have been thinking about what would keep my attention?  I have been giving real thought to joining some type of martial arts program.

Prior to getting married and starting the blog I was involved in Krav Maga.  I did it for about a year but as soon as I made it to Level 2 (there are 5 levels) it started to get really violent with live sparring.  It wasn’t that I minded the violence I just couldn’t get a black eye before the wedding so I stopped going about 5 weeks before my wedding and never went back…that was three years ago (don’t worry PF Nerds I cancelled the membership lol).

Upon researching new options I can’t get over the prices I am seeing out there!  For example, I am lucky to live really close to a world renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school but at $200 a month can I really justify joining?  Will I love it? Obviously but that is freaking over $2,400 a year after I buy the stuff I need!  I even looked into a chain school and that was $179 a month.  The Krav Maga school I went to was a more reasonable $100 or $120 a month, but that was at a time when I wasn’t obsessed with money.

While I know people that I think make around the same amount as I do who spend triple that amount on golf each year or go through a similar amount filling up their boat every few weeks during the summer and it doesn’t even seem to phase them.  It isn’t that I can’t afford it (awesome old post of mine with some great comments) it is that if I join I know that will be $200 less going to my savings account, and I am not sure I will receive $200 of utility from that class.

About 8 weeks ago I wrote this post titled, I feel Guilty Making Unnecessary Purchases, where I said

I have this character trait that is probably odd/weird/annoying to those that don’t actually write on their own personal finance blog; I feel literally guilty when I even think about the action of purchasing items I don’t need. It is almost like buyer’s remorse prior to actually purchasing the item. But it gets worse, I will plan and plan for the purchase, and then never pull the trigger!

I think it all comes down to my brain telling me it is an irresponsible use of money…should a new hobby pull that much away from my family? Is unreasonable to spend that on myself? For some reason my brain will literally not let me pull the tripper.

How much is too much to spend on a hobby? Should it only be based on one’s income/finances?


Photo Credit: GeekCraft