I grew up on Long Island, I went to undergraduate school on Long Island, I went to Law School on Long Island, I live about 5 miles from my parents, I work on Long Island and most of my friends are on this Island, but I would leave it (at least for a little bit) for a dollar amount.  Would You?

An Unsolicited Headhunter Causes Uproar

I couple months ago I received an unsolicited email from a headhunter,

Below please find detailed information regarding several searches we are conducting. Relocation packages are available.

Wealth Strategists

Boca Raton, Dallas, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Las Vegas, Newport Beach, Phoenix, & Houston

  • Tax and estate planning, cash flow analysis and comprehensive financial planning; extensive client contact
  • 120 – 150 area base, 150 – low 200’s package
  • Seeking strong technical planner with excellent client facing skills

Wait a minute…I currently “do” tax and estate planning, I currently “do” Cash Flow Analysis, I create comprehensive financial plans and I love meeting with clients and other professionals.  Oh yeah, we are talking Low 200s? Woah, I am not sure about you but I consider that a fantastic salary.  Especially when you consider the cities I would have been making that in…Las Vegas is a a lot cheaper than NYC/Long Island.  After talking to The Wife, we decided that if they were really talking that kind of money it is worth a reply email and phone call.

Obviously this particular opportunity didn’t work out – if it had worked out you know I would have shared all the details!

What I learned from This Headhunter

Even though I have a job that I love and live in a place that I am comfortable I can be bought.

Can you be bought? How much would it take?