How is Using Advanced Technology in Order Processing and Delivery

by Evan

It is common knowledge that technology is becoming an important aspect in the operations of any company. Most of the organizations that are operating in the world currently are using advanced technology to penetrate in the market. There are multiple uses of technology such as marketing, financial forecasting, and quality services delivery. is an online retail company that is currently changing how individuals perceive the ecommerce sector in China. For a longer period, the Chinese online retail industry has operated exclusively as a preserve for the technological experts and middle class individuals who live in the big cities across the country.

However, over the last few years, Jingdong, under the stewardship of Richard Liu has incorporated some strategic practices with the aim of helping customers enjoy products and services through the online platform. One of the strategies that has been incorporated in the service delivery by this company is in the marketing sector. The company markets itself as the ultimate seller of quality products in the Chinese retail market. It is common knowledge that most of the retail outlets in China have previously been accused of selling counterfeit products. Customers can now access multiple products that are of high quality as compare to what they would get in other organizations in the same industry.

The second technology that has incorporated is in the delivery of products to its customers. There are two technologies that the company has been able to incorporate in its service delivery. Drone technology remains as a standout technological incorporation that helps the company to deliver products to its customers within a short period. This strategy eliminates the situations where customers have to wait for several days before they can receive their products. Alibaba, which is the leading online retail outlet in China, been receiving critics from the customers due to the time it takes before it can deliver products to the customers.

Drone delivery technology is currently being viewed as the future of the transport industry. It is an expensive investment, but its benefits outweigh the costs, which is a clear justification as to why organizations should be using drone technology to deliver products to the customers. Richard Liu has highlighted that using drones to deliver products to the customers allows organizations to access some of the areas that have poor road network. Customers living in the interiors where roads are affected by weather can receive their products using drones without difficulties.

Jingdong has gone further to incorporate another method of delivering products to its customers. This strategy involves use of vehicles that use specialized fuel which does not release carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. These vehicles release water vapor into the air, which reduces environmental pollution at significant levels. It is common knowledge that most of the companies in China are being investigated for environmental pollution cases. China has also been warned by the United Nations that it needs to manage the gases released by its companies into the atmosphere.

  1. has implemented technology in its various areas of operations with the aim of increasing the number of customers that it is currently serving. Most of the company’s operations are automated. In its headquarters and warehouses, robots undertake most of the tasks, which means that the company is able to process thousands of orders in a single day. Moreover, automation increases efficiency while at the same time reducing operational costs. Richard Liu is currently focused on ensuring that the technology incorporated into the company’s operations does not only help the company to increase revenues but also to improve its service delivery to its customers.

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