Up until I got married to The Wife I did my own taxes as they were straightforward!  A W2, a few bank accounts, an investment account and my student loans.  Then I bought a house and got married…that’s when my tax world became more complicated.  The Wife is an independent contractor, and as an independent contractor she does not receive a W-2, nor does she have tax withheld every 2 weeks.  Instead The Wife gets a 1099 and has to pay quarterly estimates every year.  Since she is/was a 1099 independent contractor I decided it was one of those times when I should rely on a professional who does this a couple hundred times a year.  So every year I create an outline of my financial life for my accountant so we can work together an optimize my situation.

I figured why not share it with the readers of this blog.

Mapping my Financial Life for My Accountant

I am sure I don’t have to put this much work into my taxes considering I pay someone else to do it for me, but I figured the more organized I am decreases the chance of miscommunication with my accountant and thus a lower chance for an audit.  I am not a naturally organized person so this exercise took me a couple hours!  I think it was well worth it.


  • Wages

    • Evan’s W2
    • The Wife’s 1099
    • The Wife’s Bonus (should be in her 1099, but should be double checked)
  • Investment Income

    • Walt Disney 1099 – The Wife’s parents set her up a DRIP when she was younger and we get a check for $30 every year.  Literally Thirty dollars lol.
    • Fidelity Non-Qualified Accounts
    • The Wife’s Mutual Funds – From all gifts growing up
    • My Mutual Funds – Invested in 1996 when I made my dad use my money to buy a few…ignored since I was about 17.  Probably worth about a grand but I can’t liquidate and condense emotionally tied to the account.
    • Tradeking – Old home of dormant trading account before my work made me change brokers
    • Sharebuilder – Old home of Dividend Investment Portfolio account before my work made me change brokers
  • Online Ventures S-Corp

    • 1099-K – This is a brand new form CPA will have to look into it.
    • Misc Check Stubs
    • 1099s from other companies that are built into 1099-K
  • Misc. Income

    • 1099 Flex Offers (wasn’t moved to Online Ventures Yet)
    • 1099 Google (Has since been moved to Online Ventures)
    • Law Offices of Evan – Less than a few Grand this year as I have been focusing my energy on Online Ventures
  • Banking

    • Chase
    • Ing


  • Personal

    • Church Donations
    • Mortgage Interest Paid/Property Taxes
    • Student Loan (SAF)
    • 529 Contributions
    • Roth IRA
  • Business

    • Gas/Electricity
    • New Computer Purchase
    • Auto Payments
    • Hosting
    • Freelancers

Do you think I am missing anything?