History meets gaming – the oldest casinos in Europe

//History meets gaming – the oldest casinos in Europe

History meets gaming – the oldest casinos in Europe

Europe was the birthplace of the casino industry, which has turned Las Vegas and Atlantic City into veritable Meccas for gamblers – and made several individuals filthy rich. But Europe was for a long time subject to a prohibition on gambling, which has caused most such establishments to close. But the buildings – those marvelous buildings serving as gambling houses throughout history – are still there. Some of them might not function as gambling houses anymore, but they are well worth a visit.

Don’t expect for them to be too crowded, even if they serve as a temple to Goddess Fortuna (the Roman god of luck). Europe has a liberal policy of online gambling, and many Europeans prefer to play their favorite video poker games in the comfort of their home. Aside from not having to dress up for a visit, online casinos like the All Slots have a series of other advantages over their land-based counterparts. For one, there is never a crowd – the All Slots always has a free blackjack table for you. Besides, it has an amazing diversity of games, hundreds of them to explore. And another great plus – All Slots has some of the most attractive promotions to fill its players’ pockets week after week.

List of the oldest casino buildings in Europe

Casino di Venezia, Venice, Italy

Built in the early 16th century, the Casino di Venezia has recently turned 400. A beautiful age for a building, don’t you think? Initially the building served as a residence for nobles, but in 1638 it was turned into a casino – and it functions even today. It offers table games, roulette, card games – all the classics – in a unique environment, among paintings, murals, sculptures and chandeliers.

Crockfords Club, London, the UK

When you think London, you envisage rain, a good cuppa, and lots of people in long coats carrying umbrellas. But London is also the city of exclusive clubs, strict about who is allowed to enter and who’s not (a hint: only members are allowed to enter). The Crockfords Club, opened in 1826, is among the oldest private clubs offering roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker to its members in a luxurious environment.

The Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monaco is romantic as it is – a small city state on the shores of the Mediterranean, with its own royal family. It is a popular tourist destination, and many of its visitors pay a visit to the famous Monte Carlo casino. Built in 1856, the Monte Carlo Casino is featured in a number of literary works and movies – the famous Casino Royale where James Bond played baccarat was inspired by it, too.

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