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My Fav. Cake!

I can’t believe I turn 30 years old today. Growing up didn’t 30 seem old? It wasn’t like turning that cool 21, or even 25…it was 30! It was substantial almost like you aren’t “that kid” anymore.

Not as shocking that I survived to 30 is the fact that I have been writing on my blog long enough that this is my fourth birthday post:

If you read each post it is amazing the changes I have made in my life from family to money to my professional life everything has changed in the past 4 years.  I am not exactly sure but I almost feel uncomfortable reading those posts, like it is someone else writing.  Odd.

Regardless, in each of those I talk about goals and objective but then I know I do it again at calendar’s end so I am going to forgo that process until early January.  Instead, I just want to put out there what I am thankful for over the past year.

The Son – As my regular readers know My Son was born at the end of last year (December 1st, 2010)  and this year has been amazing with him.  Literally every morning he makes me smile and he doesn’t even talk  yet.  Just seeing him makes me smile.  Considering I am not anywhere near a stay at home dad, I try to spend as much time as I can with him and I think I do a pretty good job.  I am thankful that he was born and is as healthy as a horse.

The Wife – She puts up with a lot being married to me and she takes it in stride and with a loving smile (most of the time).  This time last year she was 8 and a half months pregnant and over the past year she has made the sometimes difficult transition to loving mother with amazing ease. I am thankful that I met her over 10 years ago and that she said yes to marry me! No she needs lots of paper work to get rid of me. 

My Parents and Brothers – Everyone seems to be doing really well.  The parents don’t want to kill each other too often despite being married 30+ Years and unlike years past there were no real health scares recently which is just wonderful.  My older brother just announced a month or two ago that I will be an uncle! I am pretty excited for him, me, and my son who will have a younger first cousin.  My younger brother is finally on his way to finishing his second masters and is dating a fantastic girl that keeps him sane which is nice lol.  I am thankful I have such a close family and that my brothers seem to be finding their stride.

My In Laws – Unlike most people I am a huge fan of my mother and father in law.  I am thankful to be in such a situation.  They are very good to us as The Wife works for the family business (sales) this allows her to spend a lot of time with our kid.  I am very thankful that she is in a situation where she can spend 97% of her time with our child taking him to weird music classes.

My Brother in law and Sister in laws – They are all really just good people and I am thankful that they haven’t killed me yet.  I can be overbearing sometimes if you aren’t obligated to love me.

My Friends – My friends range in age from a couple years younger all the way to the 50s, and while it is a problem when trying to plan a small intimate event, it is just awesome how many buddies I can consider close confidants.  Even though I won’t let any of them read this blog I am thankful they are in my life (although 2 or 3 of those bastards searched hard enough and found the site).

My health – I have been abusing my body for way too long and it keeps on kicking!  It is time to start giving back to the body with some exercise!

I was going to write about work and money but in the end isn’t the above people really the reason why the other things exist?


Happy 30th Ev!