I can’t believe it has been a year since I wrote my 27th birthday post to myself!  Well, since it happens once a year and I have been blogging for about 18 months on November 10 I turned 28 years old.  After reading the post over, it seemed like I had a few goals for myself:

  • Start a Family – I have a family now, but we want children
  • Start to Look for a New Place
  • Get out of Credit Card Debt
  • Get Admitted to Practice Law in the State of New York
  • Get working on multiple income streams

Lets tackle each goal, one by one.

My Journey to Start a Family

Well as I discussed pretty openly, The Wife and I attempted to have a baby, however, we eventually lost the baby due to a miscarriage.  Well hear me Creator/God/Universe  I want my Child before I turn 29!  That is priority and goal #1

My Journey to Start to Look for a New Place

I am actually pumped that I didn’t accomplish this goal.  The Wife and I are in a great place right now.  Granted it will be a little tight with a child, but its cheaper than anything we’ll ever find again, but more importantly we have amazing neighbors.  I don’t particularly want this goal to come true by next November, but I wouldn’t be against it either. It certainly isn’t a goal.

My Journey to Get out of Credit Card Debt

GONE ALL OF IT! and it happened on this blog’s first birthday.

My Journey to Get Admitted to Practice Law in the Sate of New York

DID IT! I am admitted to practice law in New York.

My Journey to Work on Multiple Income Streams

Well I have been working on this blog a lot lately, I hope everyone notices! I know Google has.  More importantly, I have started drafting Wills and Trusts outside of my job as back office support in a financial planning firm.

So what do we have for next year?

  • Get to baby making and
  • More Streams of Income, preferably more passive forms