For Valentine’s Day The Wife and I took a trip into “The City” a/k/a New York City to visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Met).  My Beautiful Bride is a little scrunched up in this picture since it was about 38 Degrees in NYC today!

Wife Outside MetBad ass Greek Scultpure






A striking couple, huh?

So why the title?

The Met is Free, Kinda

As we got to the admission desk we noticed the following prices:

Met Admission

Notice the bold letters? Recommended.  Well, when we got the worker he asked me was $40 alright ($20 for each)?  I thought for a second…and said sure.  As he was charging my credit card The Wife asked do people give less?  and the guy said yes.  I paid $40 for the two of us and we spent 4 hours wandering through the amazing building.

So I ask, Good Humanitarian supporting the Arts of New York or Personal Finance D-Bag for not ‘frugaling’ for a free day?