The Wall Street Journal highlighted some unusual ways to boost income during retirement but I felt like the article left a lot to be desired in both what it included and what it was missing. Unlike most articles produced by the journal this piece felt like it was quickly put together without much thought or research.

Their list of unusual ways to boost income included:

  1. Grow Trees
  2. Make Loans using a peer to peer service
  3. Rent a Room
  4. Tutor Students
  5. Invest in Preferred Stocks

My first problem with the article is that besides the suggestion of growing trees I don’t think the list is all that unusual.  Granted, I write on a personal finance blog and read more sites daily than I would like to admit, so maybe I see more posts about renting a room or peer to peer lending than the average person. Secondly, it just doesn’t feel right that investing in preferred stocks is on the same list as the active earned income tutoring.

Lastly, besides Peer to Peer lending the options ignored the possibilities found on the internet for Retirees.

Online Income Options for Retirees

While I recently discussed the boring, usual ways for to boost investment income, I didn’t talk about active online endeavors.  To be fair, these options aren’t just for retirees, but I think experience and time would help:

  1. Starting a Blog – I clearly have a lot of experience in this arena.  Some of my favorite blogs are written by a completely generation than myself. Their experience in navigating life makes for an excellent read and provides a road map for a younger generation.
  2. Freelancing – While I use quite a few freelancers to run my various sites, I have no experience as a provider.  Notwithstanding there are always bloggers out there who need content and what a great way to generate income without having to actually deal with the other annoying factors of the blog.
  3. Paid Surveys – I don’t have a lot of experience visiting survey sites and participating in paid surveys but I would think that the opinions of a retiree would be valuable to most marketing companies.

Each of my options have a learning or experience curve but they all can provide a stream of income that is perfect for a retiree (i.e. part time and low stress).

What other streams of income should be added?