Free Oil Change from Mitsubishi – Should I do it?

by Evan

Mitsu Oil ChangeI received an E-Mail the other day from Mitsubishi Motors offering me a free Oil Change, first thoughts, “Damn it, I don’t want to bring my car to the dealer!”  They are going to try and get me to buy a new car THEN when I tell them I don’t want a new car they are going to tell me I have SOME problem that will cost me a ton of money to fix

Generally, I hate bringing my car to anyone except my buddy who owns an autobody and mechanic shop.  He is a little bit more expensive, but he is honest!  Last time, I tried to save some cash on tires, I ended up feeling ripped off and PISSED OFF when the “cheap” tires cost me a lot of money after adding all sorts of extras I “needed.”

Then as I showered this morning, I started to think to myself, what the hell was my problem?

Could they force me to buy a car? NO.  Could they force me to do work on my car beyond my oil change? NO.

So why the hesitation? I just hate being put in that position of high pressure sales tactics.  So, it comes down to a balancing act my hatred vs. saving $30 bucks.  Hmmm I think the 30 bucks wins!

So I am going to call in the morning to make an appointment.  Has anyone else received something similar from a dealership or manufacturer?

UPDATE:  I WENT! I didn’t even see the sales people, and the mechanics there were GREAT.

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Travis February 9, 2009 - 10:40 am

I have not had any offers like that, but the car dealership did call me, because “It’s a perfect time to trade in my used vehicle for something new”. I quickly let them know I wasn’t interested in another payment. My car is paid for and I plan to drive it till the wheels fall off.

My Journey February 9, 2009 - 11:57 am


See my problem is the car is not paid off, nor is it anywhere near paid off! Stupid 72 month loan. I shouldn’t say that cause I could pay it off sooner, but credit card debt is worse and is getting the attention for now.


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