I have this buddy who sat me down over a “couple” drinks and told me about this really cool product he wanted to create.  I loved the idea.  So instead of just letting this one go I went online and found all the supplies we would need from China.  We could made a bunch (way more than we needed) for  a few hundred bucks and some sweat equity.

I didn’t want to hijack this project so all I did was forward him the information. Nothing Happened.  Every time we would get together we would talk about it, and I would remind him that I got him all the info he needed and he would say “Yeah Bro, I know.”  Well about a week ago I saw an infomercial for the exact product that he was thinking about.  I called him up and told him about it and his heart was broken.

Everyone Has Some Sort of Business Idea

At one time or another everyone has come up with an idea that would make this world a better place.  Maybe it was a website idea, a product, a way to make your current job easier/more profitable, etc., but then you made up some excuse not to follow through on it. These excuses usually fall into the following categories:

  • It is too hard to create
  • I don’t know where to start
  • It already probably exists
  • It is too expensive to get started

The Idea is Too Hard to Follow Through On

I am in the middle of completing of a website that is/was WAY above my head but I took it in chunks and surrounded myself with those people that could help me. It took longer than expected but it is done (you may have seen the site if you follow me on Twitter, but I will introduce it fully here next week).

Get off Your Ass and Use Google.  I just googled “How to build a motorcycle” and within 5 minutes I found an e-book how to build a custom built bike! If I could find out that information in 5 minutes then don’t give me excuses that your idea is too hard.  Why a motorcycle? There was a commercial for one – I do not want one.

For the most part people aren’t coming up with ideas that are too difficult to at least take the next step.

I don’t Know Where to Start

There is a saying,

A Thousand Mile Journey begins with One Step

You need to get off your Ass and find that first step.  It may become clearer after you Build a Mind Map!  Start with YOUR idea in the center and build branches and sub-bracnhes outward the picture will become clearer.  Alternatively, talk to a friend that may be able to extract the ideas from you.  Hell, contact me and as long as I can use you as a post I’ll talk it out with you!

It Probably Already Exists

Probably? Get off your Ass and find it. If google doesn’t know about it, it either doesn’t exist or the market is wide open. Probably is not a defense for not following through on your idea.

It is too Expensive to Get Started

Since most ideas have nothing to do with non-profits this may be the only viable excuse.  That being said it is your responsibility and get off your ass and determine the expenses associated with getting started.

Lets take the custom built bike idea from earlier, the e-book was only 15 bucks but looking into parts, a shop to build the bikes, etc. might make this a bit out of my league.  But that should be at least looked into.

Have you ever left a business idea on the shelf only to be pissed at yourself later on? Did you follow through on an idea and now are running a successful business? I’d love to hear some stories.