I don’t know much about my dad’s family history, so any insight always excites me.  My dad has a limited knowledge but it isn’t his fault.  My Papou (Grandfather in Greek) was the youngest of eight and was 60 when my dad was born!  So if you do the math it is possible that all of my dad’s first cousins were already deceased before he was even born!  Now we are going to add in the fact that until a couple days ago we thought my Papou was the only one of this siblings that came to America through Ellis Island as a passenger.

Recently, I have been really into the History Channel’s, “America The History of Us” and in the newest episode they discussed the building of the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island, so I thought, for the first time, I wonder what is on the Ellis Island Website.

How do you Look Up Ellis Island Information?

I was shocked how simple and easy the Ellis Island Website was! As soon you get there it asks, “Who are you looking for?” and all you have to do is answer a few questions:

Ellis Island Search

I figured that once I entered the information I would be able to get additional information about my Grandfather, but imagine my surprise that Ellis Island had two other family members who came around the same time!

Ellis Island Search Results

I quickly called my dad and asked if he had any clue who or what a Euskatios was! Considering he has been working under the impression that we were the only people who came through Ellis Island with our last name, he had no clue.  The hunt continues!

I did have extremely good luck just putting my last name into face book and finding a bunch of relatives from over in Greece, but considering I don’t speak Greek there is a language barrier.

Go look up your family and let me know what you find!