How to Find an Interim Manager

///How to Find an Interim Manager

How to Find an Interim Manager

Interim Management is a specialist form of consultancy that is very much on the rise in the UK. With the uncertainty caused by Brexit on the horizon, it’s no surprise that specialists in change and crisis are finding a new audience. Some assessments say the field has grown by as much as 93% since 2006 and could be worth as much as £2 billion.

It’s still somewhat opaque to many businesses however, especially small businesses who may be the most in need of their services. Even if you know you need one, finding an Interim Manager may be difficult.

Your first step, as with so much in the world of business, should be to consult your contacts. Talk to other business owners or executives you know: if any of them have made use of Interim services before, this is your first lead. Getting a referral from a trusted contact is a boon to all three parties: you will be dealing with someone you know has delivered successfully for a colleague, your colleague may be able to obtain some level of discount or advantage from the successful referral, and the Interim Manager has the security of an additional job and knows their reputation in the industry is growing and getting them work.

Talking with someone you know about the Interim Manager they’re recommending also helps you get to know their style and approach before you hire them. They are more of a known quantity, so you’ll be able to have a constructive relationship from the very beginning. In the worst case scenario, this could help you avoid a culture clash that would make you regret hiring them in the first place.

If you don’t have the advantage of a contact with connections to the Interim field, you’ll need to look for specialist recruitment firms or agencies. You won’t find Interim Managers with standard full time recruiters – you need to look into executive search agencies that specialise in high level staff, and are set up to provide a contact point for fast moving Interim Managers.

The Institute of Interim Management is a professional body set up by Interim Managers for Interim staff and the people that use them. As well providing more information about how Interim Managers can help businesses, they also publish an annual review of Interim providers, which you can use to make sure you can go to the best firm in your area.

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