Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

//Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

Dogs are truly man’s best friend and are often treasured members of a family. However, with this gift of lifelong companionship, there also comes a lot of responsibility. Below we explore some questions you can ask yourself and your family before making the commitment to purchasing a pup.

Are you Financial Ready?

Dogs are a huge financial commitment. Not only are you purchasing the dog for a large sum of money, you also have to pay for its maintenance and every day living. To purchase a puppy you are looking at spending anywhere from $500- $2,000 typically. You have to purchase every day living essentials for them such as collars, leashes, toys, beds and gates to keep them safe and happy. Dogs require frequent medical attention for vaccines and flea/tick prevention. This can add up each month. There are insurance companies that offer pet insurance to help with this expense, but this is an added monthly expense to your budget. These types of financial burdens should be considered before committing to purchasing your puppy. Unless you think you will win the lottery or have good luck on games like live casino, this financial commitment needs to be considered. Obviously most are happy to spend it for their companions but the question as to if you have the money is what you should really consider.

Do you have the right Family dynamic?

Dogs are family members too and it needs to be considered if they will fit in. Do you have young children that could become an issue? Is the dog a breed that works well with children? Are you away from your home often? Dogs need a lot of attention and love so if you are not home enough for them, they may become more of a burden than a welcomed member of the family. Is everyone on board with getting the dog? Every family member needs to help to make sure they are a good fit for you. There are many questions to consider when trying to examine if a puppy will work with your family dynamic, but the most important is to just make sure both you and the puppy will be happy with him being there.

Do you have support from others?

As previously stated, it takes a village to own a dog. It is important that you have others who support you in your decision and can help you with the dog from time to time. There will be times that you will need help. Especially if  you are going out of town, you will need someone to watch them. Or if you have a long day planned and need someone to stop in or watch the puppy for a bit. These situations will occur so it is important you have the support.

Please be sure to ask yourself these questions before getting a dog for you and your family. They are a huge commitment and deserve the thoughtful consideration.

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