In the beginning of the year, I created my goals and objectives for 2012 and while I’ll do a full review in a couple weeks I was thinking about just one aspect of that post the other day and got pretty angry with myself.  I think these feelings started to brew when I noticed that Fidelity has an option to see your dividends paid year to date and I realized just how far away my dividend stream is from being a viable income source. I know I am doing the right thing by my family and by my investments with my dividend income portfolio, but it is such a slow process and frustrating which is why beyond bi-monthly updates I mostly ignore it on here.

In my goals and objectives post I said,

I freaking love creating streams of income, it is my passion.  I would love to have 4 or 5 great ones.  My Journey to Millions is an amazing one, as is an offshoot of this blog that I work with a partner on, and my job is number 3 (and way too big in comparison to the first two lol).  My goal is to create a 4 and 5 this year.

They will obviously be a lot smaller than the 3 already up there, but if I can start to get that trickle going I’ll be happy.  I have two projects that are getting worked out (both websites but not blogs), so my goal this year is to get streams of income 4 and 5 off the ground.

We are approximately 5 months into the new year and I have yet to get 4 or 5 off the ground and that just pisses me off.  I have created a new site recently and re-did another site but both are far from an income stream.  The new site is a blog written by two of my really good buddies and myself and is about all issues that concern being a man called Manceptional, and the re-done site is ran by one of the same buddies and myself and it is a free baby birth date guessing site called Pregnancy Pool.

My Journey to Millions isn’t a big site, but when I create content it is often picked up and commented on.  As such it seems that  have forgotten how hard it is to build a website to the point where it throws off an income.

Am I giving up? Hell freaking NO. 

I just have to regroup my thinking – determine what’s working for me and what is not in terms of current income as well as cultivating those little trickles, as well as digging new soon to be streams.

Alright, self-pep talk over! Put me in Coach.