Bugbati Convertible The Wife and I are traveling to Florida next month and we are going to part of Florida where it is recommended that we rent a car.  Despite being 28 years old I have never rented a car before, it probably has more to do with my undeniable thirst on vacation rather than a question of need.  Since I have never done it before I figured I would catalog my adventure.

Where to Start Looking for a Rental Car?

Aggregate Travel Sites

Since I had no clue how much a rental car would cost I decided to go to a travel aggregate site, kayak.com and just start my research. It was really easy, all I did was put where I was going and the dates I was looking for:

Kayak Rental Car Results

About 20 seconds later I had hundreds of options! But I was really only interested in a convertible, I mean come on…I am going  Florida, if I am not getting a convertible there where would I?

Kayak Rental Car Results Conv

I am still at over 100 choices, but at least I know my low point of $98/day.  Way more than what I was expecting to pay.

Rent a Car Through Your Credit Card Company

I have always heard people getting car rental deals and car insurance through their credit card company, but I had no idea how to go about that.  So I pulled out my Credit Card Book, and started calling.  The first card I called was my Citi Card.  They were very helpful and told me they worked with Hertz, but couldn’t offer any deals.  The Wife tried her American Express Card, and they didn’t have anything!  They offered her $100 gift certificates for 10,000 points! NO WAY.

The Wife and I don’t have a concierge credit card since we refuse to pay a credit card annual fee, so that may make a difference.

Visit the Actual Car Rental Sites

I was shocked but upon searching the various car rental sites…they had the worst prices!

What We Decided to Do About our Car Rental

Since we are going to be in the Country (with a computer and phone) we are going to wait until we get down to Florida.  If I found a crazy deal I would have booked it tonight.

Anyone have any great tips?