I excited to announce that The Wife and I are expecting our second child.  The video is of us telling our son about it last night.  I don’t go into that much detail about my personal life because I don’t think it is what people want to read, but maybe I am wrong!

It is weird to think about that my son is 3 and I started this blog way before he was born.  In fact we had a miscarriage before and after him! To say we have been unlucky in this department is an understatement.  It feels almost surreal since we have been in the baby making mode (which for those who have been through the shit know it isn’t all fun and games…a damn good amount of fun and games but certainly no where near all).

I have to put the past pain behind and just embrace the good news!  We are adding another little one to our family.

2014-03-13 00.22.02