Last time I asked the question of whether I was a personal finance D-Bag I went to The Met and paid the full “suggested” price to get in.  I couldn’t decide if I was a good humanitarian or a personal finance blogger d-bag.  I got some great responses,

If you can afford to pay the recommended amount, I consider it the “right” thing to do.

I think it’s a pay what you can afford concept. There are a great many people who perceive that The Met is out of their price range (when it’s actually free), but appreciate the artwork’s availability. Therefore it’s a recommended price of admission vs an actual ticket.

Wow! I never knew you were a bad ass Greek sculpture, Evan.  Impressive.

Well I think I have a different situation here, and I may be a a personal finance master or just a straight up d-bag.

I Love My Sirius Radio, But Hated Paying for It

I am a huge fan of Sirius, and I have been a paying customer since 2004 (also have been a shareholder when the stock was not a penny stock lol).  Well fast forward approximately 6 years, I set up The Wife’s XM  and upon searching online I found a deal for $77/year…but what a minute I was paying $14/month or $168/yr.  I am a long term customer and I am getting killed while The Wife was paying half of that with just a google search (it should be noted that XM and Sirius are the same company).

Sirius Promotion

So, I called up Sirius Customer Service and pretended that I was going to quit. I had zero intentions of quitting; if they called my bluff I would have said I had to think about it.  I had an idea that the very threat of losing a 6 year customer would get me some good deals.

It Worked.   They offered me the exact same deal that The Wife got.  With a 10 min phone calls I save about 85 bucks for the year, not a huge sum of money but absolutely a moral victory.

Personal Finance Master or D-Bag?

I told this story to a really good buddy of mine and he didn’t react the way he thought I would.  He told me it was weird and kind of dirtbaggy since I knew I would never quit.  I stand by my decision but wanted to hear what others thought.

So what say you?