Employee Appreciation Ideas for Small Business Owners

by Evan

Small business owners rely on hardworking and dedicated employees to help their businesses thrive. As a small business owner, you must find creative ways to show gratitude to your employees when there is not enough room in the budget for cash bonuses. Here are some ideas on how to reward employees on a budget.

Throw an office party

Annual office parties are a great way to show the entire office staff appreciation. A potluck is a great idea for each person to contribute without picking up the whole tab. The homemade touch of dishes can bring a new element to the gathering. The plates could also be a great conversation starter during the party. Skip the DJ, and hook up your phone to some speakers and a music app such as Pandora or Spotify. For entertainment, you could organize some low-cost games such as Minute to Win It. You would be surprised at how many games you could organize with ordinary household items.

Vouchers and gift certificates

You might not be able to hand out fat bonuses to your hardworking employees, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a more affordable way to reward them directly with gifts. For instance, turkey or ham gift certificates can be given to staff in lieu of cash. These can be used in any grocery store or supermarket. Furthermore, the fact they don’t represent a specific cash value means they don’t have to be included with a payroll tax scheme already put in place. Similar vouchers, certificates, and coupons good for specific products can also be considered due to their cost-effectiveness.

Gift exchanges

Gifts that are genuine and have meaning can go a long way. During the holidays, host a Secret Santa at the office, and set the budget for the gifts. Gift exchanges guarantee that no one is left out, and they are financially friendly. Other gift ideas for staff that cost little money can include gift cards, flowers, or candies.

Acts of kindness

A great way to show your staff gratitude is through random acts of kindness. These small gestures can go a long way to keeping your employees engaged and motivated. Bring your employee her favorite coffee from Starbucks. Place a random note on the desk letting him know how much you appreciate the hard work. Send an email or go in person to let them know how much their efforts are acknowledged. There are effective ways to show gratitude with a minimal or no amount of money.

Ask questions

Show an authentic interest in your employees by getting to know them. Small business owners have a distinct advantage here with a lower amount of employees. Your genuine interest causes people to feel valued. Spend a few minutes each day by engaging with as many employees as you can. Consistent messages of appreciation will be more authentic without appearing nosey.

Create an inviting office

You can decorate the office or business on a minimalist budget. Get all of your employees involved in this great team building activity. Put some snacks and games into your area where employees can unwind for a few minutes a day. Employees like to come to an environment that is inviting, supportive, and non-threatening.

Consider flex scheduling

This idea may be more difficult to pull off in a small business. If work coverage is critical, post a calendar so people can balance their time off with their coworkers. Let your employees leave a little bit the day before holidays. Work-life balance is crucial to employees in the world of work today.

Your employees are the livelihood of your small business. Gratitude for their hard work does not have to be expensive. These easy ideas will ensure that your staff remains happy, productive, and loyal to your business for many years to come.

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