When I moved last year I signed up for Verizon Fios for my triple play package.  Being a new customer I got a great deal without signing a long term contract, however, I knew I was at the end of that initial “new customer” term.  After looking into the situation it seemed that my price was going to shoot up for less services! Unacceptable.

How I Saved Money on my Verizon FIOS Bundle

The first thing I did was attempt the “fake cancel”.  Everyone who has tried to optimize their monthly nut is well aware of the fake cancel.  For the uninitiated, it is the classic move of calling up retentions and asking leading questions about how to cancel the service.  This simple move will get you a decreased price in the majority of subscription based service.  In this particular situation Verizon gave me so half ass offer that was not enticing at all. The CSR said something that got my attention,

If you were a new customer I could replicate your current deal and get you a gift card for a couple hundred dollars

What a minute! I am not a new customer but The Wife is!  The CSR wasn’t sure if the system would let her, so I told her to check it out.  It seems Verizon considers new customers by social security not address, so I was able to get a new customer price without any of the hassle of actually quitting!

Getting New Customer Pricing Without Being a New Customer

I am going to assume that there are companies that have figured out this ploy but next time you are trying to save money on a subscription based product offer your spouse or roommate as the “new” customer.