A little over a year ago I wrote about my problems with a personal finance trend commonly referred to as “Early Retirement Extreme.”  It still remains a pretty popular post with a few comments from the movement’s most popular proponent, Jacob Lund Fisker.  Within that post and the subsequent 50+ comments I laid out the basic premise that I enjoy a lot of the amenities involved in modern life and that I would much rather focus my efforts on figuring out ways to pay for those extras rather than altering my life to be able to live off of $7,000/yr.  I never judged the movement but I literally couldn’t understand the desire to achieve it the ultimate goal.

Well it was quite a shock to read that Jacob has decided to end his retirement and go back to work,

Remember this post where I announced my retirement from my career? Well, I’m about to commit some “light ERE treason” and “retire” from my retirement. In particular, I’m going back to work, in particular employment. I got a job offer I can’t, that is, won’t refuse

It is within that post that he started talking my language.

Hence, what the site is really about is not “retirement” but financial independence. Thanks for understanding that.

While I will never understand wanting to live off of $7,000, Jacob is choosing to work and I completely respect that type of freedom (just like my financial hero).

His post seems to indicate he is going to be moving onto quantitative trading for an investment fund of some sort, so I am really curious how much his life will change when one year’s salary and bonuses will equate to 50 or so years of living off of $7,000 (at the minimum if he is good at it).  Can anyone say Lifestyle inflation?

Do you think the movement will lose some steam because of Jacob’s departure?