I was having a conversation with a colleague the other day and somehow we got to the topic of certain expenses in our life.  When I found out he pays about 50% more than I do for our cable, phone and internet package I was shocked.  More than shocked I came up with a probably very unoriginal theory.  Those overpaying on monthly expenses are subsidizing my lifestyle.

Don’t Subsidize My Life By Overpaying When You Don’t Have to

Anytime I complain to a company about lowering my bill they are doing it at the expense of their profit margin, as such, they are forced to overcharge someone else.  Don’t be that someone else.

Take a simple example from my college days.  The Wife had a few sorority sisters who were bartenders and since The Wife had to court all of this, the girls would not charge me. In an effort to balance out their register they would overcharge other people at the bar or would go a little lighter on their drinks so the bottles wouldn’t empty as quickly.

Well guess what? your cable company is the bartender.  If they are providing me with premium service at “I bitch too much” prices then they have to offset me as a customer.  Don’t be that guy.

This applies to various monthly commodity type products:

Are you that guy? When was the last time you tried to lower your monthly nut?