Marble House

Everyday I have a high net worth balance sheet put in front of my face.  Everyday I will put together a balance sheet that will go way north of the $1,000,000 that people tend to strive for, but most won’t make.

There seems to be a disgusting amount of class warefare going on in today’s society, but for me, these balance sheets give me motivation, but forget me (just for today…) does this one example give you a sense of “I can do that one day” or “What the hell is the point of trying”?

Assets**Mr. Smith*Mrs. SmithJoint – ROSTotal
 Non-Qualified Accounts$500,000$100,000$600,000$1,200,000
Retirement Accounts$600,000$90,000$690,000
Total Assets: $25,000,000$190,000$2,450,000$27,640,000


LiabilitiesMr. SmithMrs. SmithJoint – ROSTotal
Main Residence MTG($200,000)($200,000)
Total Liabilities: ($200,000)($200,000)


Total Net Worth: $25,000,000$190,000$2,240,000$27,440,000

* Names have been changed to protect the ultra wealthy

** Assets were rounded down to protect the ultra wealthy

So how do you feel?