My Boy Holding The Wife's Camera

My Boy Holding The Wife’s Camera

I tweeted this picture a little over a week ago:

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The conversation became lively but left me with the question – can a parent who is paying for college choose a degree or major?

Can a Parent Choose a Child’s College Degree?

I think the answer depends on how involved the parent is on a financial level. I think the more money you, as a parent ,are on the hook for the more say you should have in your child’s degree.  If a child is paying his way 100% then in reality a parent shouldn’t have a say, although what parent doesn’t have an opinion? and what parent doesn’t share that opinion?

If I am paying for my Son’s degree I will be damned if he ends up with an art history or creative writing degree at a private university.  If the world stays the same then there is just no justification for a $200,000+ degree for the ability (unless you are in the 1% of the degree recipients) to make $40,000 per year.  Just doesn’t make financial sense when there are State Schools that might make it a bit more reasonable (and even that I am not sure I am for).

My Experience

My parents despite supporting me financially through college did not choose my major (Business Economics) nor any of my siblings (Exercise Physiology and Neuro-Psychology). To be fair none of us had true liberal art majors so maybe it would have been different if I told pops, “I want a degree focused on the indigenous people of West Bumble-Fuck.”


How do you think you’ll handle your Kids? Were your parents involved in your choice of Major if you went to College?