I am in a constant fight with cable companies, cell phone companies, and most other monthly fees I am forced to pay.  Granted they may not know we are fighting, but trust me, we are.  Other than the internet I don’t feel like I ever get enough utility or satisfaction from most monthly services so any increase bothers me.

I was talking to a buddy this past weekend and we were talking about why The Wife and I chose not to get a television in a certain room in the new house.  Besides not wanting to shell out the $800+ for another new television I had no interest in paying $15 or $20 a month for yet another HD Receiver Box which increases my monthly bill another 10% or so.

While he understood the TV purchase problem it seemed foreign to him I would even think about the other part of the equation.  It obviously isn’t the money, $15 or $20 is not breaking my house, but rather, it is just more money I am sending to a cable company I don’t want to send any!

I feel like if I can optimize those monthly bills I don’t even begin to think about I am ahead of the game in terms of saving money that isn’t being spent on monthly subscription services.