money on the brain

I don’t think I have a good balance with thinking about and not thinking about money.  From the moment I wake up on Monday morning until the moment I mentally check out on Friday, I have money on the mind and it makes me curious if I am the only one?

My Money Thought Activities

Every day I:

  • Check my online banking about 4 times
  • Do mental math in my head concerning the online banking
  • Run this personal finance blog
  • Read and comment on probably 50 of the best personal finance blogs
  • Check on my Dividend Investing Portfolio
  • Check my online advertising income about 14 times
  • Check on my 401(k)
  • Make deals regarding this blog
  • Check my Prosper Account (just once a day since I have decided to stop investing in it)
  • Lastly, and probably unhealthiest of them all,everyday I’ll think about what I would do if given/made a deal for a very large sum of money.

This is what I go through everyday weekday.  Every Single Weekday.  Monday through Friday I wake up and think about what money has gone in and out of my accounts.

It is 9:20am Monday Morning and I have already had the following thoughts before I could stop myself:

  • Wouldn’t it be cool to buy a $600,000 house with $300,000 down?
  • I have to write an email for The Wife’s blog to an advertiser about a sale
  • How am I going to split up a good-sized check I just received (Saving vs Auto Loan)?
  • I have to contact a few people about a football thing I run

When I told The Wife about this post idea she told me that “money” was my hobby – coming up with different ways to make it and managing it.  That statement made me feel great and weird at the exact same time.  It made me feel good because what a fantastic hobby to have, but at the same time does that mean my life is empty?

So is it just me? or is this part of being an adult?