Despite helping people in my life with their taxes I use an Accountant.  There are a couple reasons why I use one:

  1. The Wife is Self Employed complicating our situation a bit
  2. I have self employment income which is growing
  3. After our meeting with our CPA I don’t feel the stress I did when I did my own taxes Pre-The Wife
  4. Lastly and most importantly, if something goes wrong I want to be able to call someone

Since my meeting is on Monday it is time to figure out what I need to bring when I meet my cpa to do my taxes.  I am going to provide a lot of detail because I hope to use this list in the future and it gives real insight into how I operate my financial life.

Meeting with Accountant What Do I Need?

This post is being written as I grab and put together my folder for my appointment.  Since there are two main parts to the tax return I am going to break the documents accordingly.  Each bullet point is either a 1099, 1098, W-2, spreadsheet, etc.


Day Jobs

While I have one, The WIfe has two she works and is a fantastic and attentive mom.

Side Income

In 2010 I had two main side hustles going on.  In 2011 I will have a third that has already been more profitable than I could have ever imagined.

  • My Journey to Millions’ Income (Adsense, FlexOffers, and Private Ad Deals)
  • Evan’s small Law Practice


I know the investments may seem overly-complicated, but I swear I can keep track of them since they each represent a different bucket.  While The Wife contributed to her Roth IRA,  I did not contribute to my Traditional IRA (only my 401(k)) this year so that is why there are no qualified accounts represented.

  • I have been using Sharebuilder for my Perpetual Income Machine
  • I used to use TradeKing when I was involved in the idea of covered calls (not against it now, just focused energy on something else)
  • My Annoying Prosper Account which I have been forced to abandon still is holding double digit notes.
  • The Wife owns a few Disney Shares (yes literally a few) so we get the 1099-Div for it and laugh about how small the check is
  • Much more significant than the Disney Shares The Wife has a mutual fund account that is very conservative that was set up for her by her Grandparents.  I have taken over the account since I am registered/licensed to do so, but I won’t touch it out of the safe safe safe funds they are in because that is what her Grandparents wanted


As explained early on this blog our cash flow is a little different than most married couples.  The Wife and I each keep a separate checking account and then funnel money into a joint checking account as well as a ton of different savings accounts.

  • My Sole Bank Account
  • The Wife’s Sole Bank Account
  • All of our cash savings is kept at ING.  I LOVE ING.
  • Our Mortgage company pays our property taxes for us so there is a correlating escrow account that I get interest on


Non-Business Deductions

  • The Granddaddy of them all my Mortgage and Property Tax –  Just looking how much I paid in interest and taxes angers me!
  • While Student Loans are not always deductible, unfortunately I think mine still are (but we’ll find out if I made too much on Monday)
  • Charitable donations (church and every buddy’s bike or run event)

Business Deductions

  • Since The Wife is self employed and has a home office (as do I to a lesser extent) I give my accountant:
    • Our Electric Bills
    • Our Gas Bills
    • Our Internet Bill
    • My Auto Information – principal paid, interest paid and miles driven last year (I am not sure this is deductible, I’ll have to ask)
    • The Wife’s Leased Auto Information – Bill Paid and Miles Driven Last Year

Am I missing anything?