I was truly inspired last night by two Bloggers.  Whenever I have a website programming problem I have my go to people, one of which is the bad ass Jesse, from Personal Finance Firewall, and as I emailed him last night but someone on Twitter responded to my complaining about the problem very quickly.  That guy is Jake from DebtSucksBlog.  Jesse had responded too but Jake was already working.  Both guys provided some real inspiration.

It is inevitable that every time the conversation of this blog, my side businesses or even twitter comes up, I receive the question, “When do you have time?”  I will be honest the question really irritates the shit out of me, because I don’t understand how people don’t have time!

I work 50 or so hours a week, have The Wife, and The Baby in my life and I still find time to do side ventures…so why the hell don’t you? I spend a lot of time with The Wife, I see The Baby a lot, but he goes to bed at 7pm and my job never complains that I am not available.

Choose your Nightly Activities Wisely

I get home around 6pm (granted that is early for most), kid is asleep by 7pm, The Wife by 10pm and I go to sleep around 1amish (granted late for most).  During that time The Wife watches a lot of TV…some of it good…some of it bad…but 92% of it I don’t care about. This is the time that I start to work on side projects, because what else am I going to do? Can’t play PS3 since it is on that TV and I try to avoid addicting computer games (anyone heard of Civilization, it is probably the closest thing to crack in my life).

I will be honest building this blog’s reputation, and working towards making money in my other ventures brings me a lot of happiness…it is my hobby (that and using way too many ‘…’).  I feel a sense of accomplishment when I make my family an extra $1,000, $2,500 or even $3,500 per month outside of my regular income.  Will this bring me 7million in 7 Years? No, but it can pay off my car, build my perpetual income machine and generally help my family for years to come all while The Wife has shitty TV on.

Working at Night

Lets get back to my buddies Jesse and Jake, both of whom I have never met in real life.  Last night I Jake made $40 from me.  Is it a lot of money? Nope, but is it better that he spent 2 hours working for $20 an hour than playing video games? Absolutely.

A couple weeks ago, I had a quick problem and it took Jesse literally 5 minutes to fix I threw him a quick $10.  Is it going to feed his 2 kids? Maybe if they hit up the dollar menu at McDonalds, but it is one step in the right direction to build a side hustle empire all from the comfort of his couch while hanging with his “The Wife” or his “The Children.”

These guys have a talent with programming I can’t begin to understand, but that is no excuse.  Every month I send $20 to Melissa from MomsPlans for doing some blogging housekeeping for me.  From that relationship with me she has entered into other blog housekeeping arrangements and even paid writing gigs.  Again, are we talking six digits? No, but she is providing some sort of income for her family so she can be a stay at home mom.

So, stop bitching about time and prioritize your life.