Cryptocurrency and How To Protect Your Assets

//Cryptocurrency and How To Protect Your Assets

Cryptocurrency and How To Protect Your Assets

As technology continues to evolve, the internet is beginning to reshape our financial capabilities. The popularity of cryptocurrency is growing rapidly and becoming the inevitable future of how we transfer money. Today, the term Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular as it’s constantly in the news for surging prices and value. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency with investors and enthusiasts purchasing more and more in hopes of financial gains in the future.

Recently, Bitcoin has become a widely accepted digital currency in most online stores, hotels, and malls with widespread adoption approaching rapidly. The reason is that you can transfer large sums of money without intermediary banks getting involved. Merchants are beginning to adopt it because of low fees competing with major credit card companies. It is a form of currency that merges technology with the financial system, independent of The Central Bank’s influences, hence making its value resistant to most external aggression.

This evolved currency is stored online it what’s known as an exchange wallet or a crypto-wallet. Because these coins are typically stored online and transferring coins to other wallets is completely anonymous, they’ve become a major target for cybersecurity attacks. We recommend for anyone who has invested in crypto currencies to strongly consider moving your funds to a hardware wallet offline.

The most popular hardware wallet on the market is called the Trezor. You can find Trezor promo codes or coupons at is a highly secure and portable wallet that guarantees maximum security of your bitcoins. By storing your coins on this offline wallet, you can protect your assets from cybersecurity attacks. It’s easy to set up and the recovery process is seamless.

An alternative to Trezor is the Ledger Wallet. Their product, the Ledger Nano S is a slightly less expensive alternative to Trezor offering to store your Bitcoins or Ethereum offline. You can the same site for Ledger Wallet promo codes at


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