It took The Wife and I about a year of marriage before we created a cash flow strategy that worked for us and the last time the strategy was even looked into was 2011!  While we could continue down the same path, The Wife and I decided it was time to switch it up a bit due to changing circumstances.

Our Original Cash Flow Chart

Our original cash flow plan was a bit unique.

The plan was a bit unique since The Wife and I kept our own checking accounts, own savings accounts and then joint checking/savings.  People thought this was odd but it really did work for us and that’s all that mattered.  So what changed? Time changes all things.

It has been 5 years since we came up with that plan, and as time went out I, personally, took more and more control of our finances.  It wasn’t a plan to take over the finances, but rather, it just seemed to work out that way.  Currently, The Wife is very interested in our debt, less about our cash flow and almost no interest in our investments.  As such, we are entering the next step in our cash flow strategy.

Everything to a joint checking account and joint savings accounts 

Making this Change has been a pain! I didn’t realize how automated my checking accounts were.  I have had to do a ton of change payment forms and it is just annoying.  It’ll be another month or so before this is completely done since I want to make sure I have changed each and every payment.


Ever make such a radical change in your relationship?