6 Strategies For Buying A Car When You Have A Poor Credit Rating

So you need a new car, but your credit rating is less than stellar. There are all sorts of reasons that your credit score might be struggling, some of which might not be your fault at all. But to get the best deal and to not be taken advantage of, you need to know how to play the game and get what you want for the price you deserve without taking your credit rating or score into consideration. Just because you might not have the best credit rating out there, that does not mean that you should allow yourself to take out [...]

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Is an Amazon Repricer Right for You?

and selling has never been easier because of e-commerce making more and more products and services available to anyone with a credit card, a home address, and access to the Internet. The digital marketplace has proven to be just as ruthless and cunning in terms of being a competitive ground for literally thousands of users who sell products of a similar nature online. In response to this, analytical programs have been designed to make selling products online simpler and more convenient for users. Here are a few things to consider before you hop on the repricing trend. Choose depending on function vs [...]

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Collecting Online Rent Payments

Unless one is firmly rooted in a 20th Century mentality, chances are they write very few checks anymore. With the emergence of debit cards, online banking, online bill payments and direct deposit, many people rarely even handle cash. In many cases, the only check people write is for rent. As a landlord or property manager, collecting rent by check isn’t the worst way you could go about it. You could accept cash and struggle to maintain accurate records, you could allow installment payments which require more time on your end to keep track of. But if you are still requiring tenants to [...]

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Be Careful When Rolling Options

When closing an secondary (or tertiary) option leg it needs to cover the original rolled put for the trade to be profitable.  Reading that sentence over again, it probably makes absolutely zero sense to some, and seem painfully obvious to others.  Either way, I learned this lesson the other week, and it was not readily apparent to me so maybe it isn't to others. Rolling Out of an In the Money or Near the Money Put I have been selling naked puts to create additional income to invest in dividend paying stocks.  My goal is to sell naked puts with a large [...]

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