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The Wife and I met in college and have been together ever since. We currently have two amazing children, and together they all keep me focused to accomplish my goals and objectives.

Wifey 101: Messing with His Manhood

Since everyone seemed to like the post when I explained the 4 Words my Wife says that Makes me Freak out and the back and forth between a husband and wife concerning money, or more importantly the discussion of "money ideas" I thought I would post on a similar subject.  Except this one will be in her words, and her words alone.  The post originally appeared on her blog After the Alter.  Messing with a Husband’s Manhood It’s amazing how horribly men and women communicate. I could say one thing to Evan and he could totally hear something else…and in return he can [...]

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I Created a New Blog for the Wife

The Wife Sorry about the lack of post tonight, but I had two wakes in one week! The one I went to tonight, my father kept introducing me as the middle son-lawyer (my parents have 3). I always find it very weird, that my parents always introduce me by my chosen education/profession. Regardless, when I got back my wife told me she wanted her very own her computer-geek husband had to set one up. I explained that I can set up wordpress and get her sense of design is miserable and I can't really edit code that well. [...]

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The Wife Knows!

I am not sure if she'll read the blog on a daily basis, make comments or simply ignore it, but whatever her choice/participation is - it is appreciated and more than welcomed.  Maybe I'll let her do a guest post

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My Greatest Asset

Like most people, my thoughts first sprung to monetary, liquid assets (bank accounts, brokerage account, heck even my condo, etc). Then I realized that since I am just starting my journey NONE of those things are very large, nor can they be considered "great" no matter how you want to define the word. This is especially true when we consider the debt I previously wrote about). So, if bank and brokerage accounts were out, I figured it was time to get a tad bit more abstract. The next thing I thought of was my education and subsequent earning power. I have a B.S. [...]

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