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Planning for families with children with special needs is an important subset of financial planning that should be regarded as a specialty.  It is important for parents of children with special needs to to do their research when it comes not only to the government programs that are out there, but the products and plans that may make their lives and their children’s lives a bit easier.

Planning for Children with Special Needs – Part I Introduction

Disclaimer: You should always check with your financial or legal professional before estate or financial planning especially when dealing with as sensitive and advanced subject such as Children with Special Needs. I have no idea the reason, but I love estate planning and I hope that enthusiasm comes through on this blog.  There is something about creating a plan that: Distributes a client’s assets pursuant to their testamentary intent; Helps out a generation (or two) receive assets in an orderly manner; Minimizes taxes so the family increases the amount that goes to their pockets of those you love. There is a particular [...]

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