Sometimes a blogger has to rant about something! It could be financial in nature, familial in nature, political in nature, but they often get emotional

Should Tax Money Be Used to Stop Consensual Sex?

I can't figure out why adult consensual prostitution is illegal.  If two consenting adults want to boil down their brief relationship encounter to an exchange of dollars for "services" why should I care?  Is it breaking down the moral fibers of society? If so, shouldn't society be broken considering it is known as the world's oldest profession.  If it was going to break down society it would have happened a long time ago*.  If anything someone pretending to be interested in a person and actually pretending to love them in exchange for goods and cash should be illegal! At least then there is [...]

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Millennials Do Not Have New Job Rules

I am always weary of articles that are clearly trying to make the argument that today is different than 5, 10 or even 20 years ago with regards to almost anything except technology.  Until I started writing this post I hadn’t realized how many times I have written/bitched about the topic: The Past wasn’t as good as you remember it so get over it There were never good ole days when it comes to personal finance There are No New Retirement Rules There are No New Job Hunting Rules Just like there are no new retirement rules there are no new job [...]

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If You are an Employee Your Right to Complain is Limited

It has been way too long since I got some emotions out on this blog.  It took a lot out of me but I purposefully kept away from the election topic (other than some arguing on twitter) because I was so disillusioned with the two candidates.  But with recent stories like Workers Complaing that Target is Opening earlier than Friday Morning  Papa Johns raising their prices on “pizza” due to Obamacare and The baker’s union getting what they deserve (i.e. a game of chicken that they basically lost) with executives at Hostess I have been hearing way too much of the employee-mindset [...]

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Why Does it Seem Like Public Unions Do Not Want to Face Reality?

Unlike most personal finance bloggers I share my thoughts about other issues including politically charged topics.  In the past I have explained how I don't often agree with union/labor on the smallest of issues and to a lesser extent the teacher's union; well we have yet another example today. I do not know a lot about Chicago politics or budgetary concerns but I couldn't believe what I saw on CNN.Com about their decision to strike if a new contract was not agreed upon.  (Update: Strike has been called). John Giokaris from PolicyMic provides an excellent review of the situation, (Mayor) Emanuel argued [...]

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I Can’t Believe I have Been Blogging for 4 Years

On August 5th of 2008 I put up my first post.  I had no idea if anyone would read about my journey, nevertheless care about what was going on in my life, but I wanted to share my thoughts with whoever wanted to read them.  Since putting that first post up I have seen somewhere between 570,000 and 630,000 pageviews (analytics vs sitemeter) and while that is probably a day’s worth of views for a news site I am pretty happy with it, especially since most of the first year or so I was getting under 15 page views a day. I [...]