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Financial advisors come in many forms but they are there to possibly help you and your family make correct and responsible financial decision.  Some specialize in estate planning, some specialize in cash flow management and a lot of them handle protection and investment planning.  They have varying degrees of education and experience and as such responsibility should be taken when selecting one.

How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors – It is Harder than you Think

As I have stated, I constantly read's Personal Finance Section online, I find that their articles are usually interesting and informative; well tonight I read an article which was neither.  It was titled, "How to Steer Clear of Shady Advisors" written by Mary Pilon.  It was obviously (in my humble opinion) written by Ms. Pilon to be a direct response to people worrying about the Madoff situation. For the benefit of those of you who have live underneath a rock,Wikipedia succinctly offers what is going on, Madoff was arrested by the FBI on December 11, 2008 on criminal charges of securities [...]

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