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Where does Capitalism End and Price Gouging Begin?

Long Island got hit particularly hard during Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy and as such it is the first time in my life that I have witnessed gas shortages.  From accounts that I have read it is a two pronged problem.  One, ports around us and entry ways onto the island have been destroyed, flooded, etc., so the normal amount of gas can't get here.  Two, a ridiculous amount of gas stations do not have power so the gas that is in the wells is just sitting there. Both of my brothers have waited for hours only to get in sight of the gas station when [...]

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I Can’t Believe I have Been Blogging for 4 Years

On August 5th of 2008 I put up my first post.  I had no idea if anyone would read about my journey, nevertheless care about what was going on in my life, but I wanted to share my thoughts with whoever wanted to read them.  Since putting that first post up I have seen somewhere between 570,000 and 630,000 pageviews (analytics vs sitemeter) and while that is probably a day’s worth of views for a news site I am pretty happy with it, especially since most of the first year or so I was getting under 15 page views a day. I [...]

Why Global Economic Negativity, Doom & Gloom Doesn’t Disturb Me

I travel quite a bit, for business and for pleasure, and as I travel across the country and globally, I am continuously amazed, but not surprised, at the amount of discussion (more like complaining) around the economic condition today.  Whether the markets are up or down, someone will always be happy and another will be complaining; that's just how it is. There is so much uncertainty lingering in the air, so it seems, and people filled with more frustration and anxiety than ever before, again so it seems.  It's interesting to observe, but none of it really bothers me.  This can be [...]

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Why Are Spring Time House Sales Uneasonably Low?

With existing home sales at a nine-year low, the housing market is the weakest link in the United States’ already weakened economy. And there doesn’t appear to be much cause for optimism as we enter spring, the unofficial house selling season. Spring is peak season in the real estate industry and, despite a fall in the number of houses being sold, the signs could be positive as we enter April with realtors reporting an increase in the number of people viewing properties. Unfortunately, it appears that most people are merely window shopping as this rise in interest has not translated into a [...]

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Some Past Financial Bubbles

Considering our recent banking, and real estate bubble and all this talk about whether the 2 year run in gold is actually a bubble has me thinking about what were some of the bubble in our history?  What financial bubbles did our ancestors have to deal with? What is an Economic Bubble? According to Wikipedia, An economic bubble (sometimes referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, a speculative mania or a balloon) is “trade in high volumes at prices that are considerably at variance with intrinsic values”. (Another way to describe it is: trade [...]

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