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4 Trends That Will Shape the Marketing Industry in 2018

Doesn’t it feel like a new marketing trend emerges every day? The truth is that they’re changing almost at the same rate as technology and online user behavior evolves, and it’s your job as a marketer to keep pace with them. Staying on top of these shifts is paramount if you want to remain successful and relevant. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, VR, voice search – which of these tools can you use to your advantage in 2018? Almot every digital channel is bound to get a makeover this year, and you must be ready to embrace the change and adapt to it. The [...]

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Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?

Dogs are truly man's best friend and are often treasured members of a family. However, with this gift of lifelong companionship, there also comes a lot of responsibility. Below we explore some questions you can ask yourself and your family before making the commitment to purchasing a pup. Are you Financial Ready? Dogs are a huge financial commitment. Not only are you purchasing the dog for a large sum of money, you also have to pay for its maintenance and every day living. To purchase a puppy you are looking at spending anywhere from $500- $2,000 typically. You have to purchase every [...]

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Applying Exterior Wood Stain – Our Top Tips

If your home has wood siding, you may be able to beautify it by applying a semi-transparent wood stain. Wood stain is a great alternative to paint. It adds color and seals the wood, while still allowing the natural structure and grain of the wood to show through. Whether you’re staining new wood siding, or you’re removing the paint on your wood siding and resealing it with wood stain, we have plenty of tips that are sure to help you through the process. Use A Pressure Washer To Clean The Wood Before Staining Stains adhere best to completely clean wood that is [...]

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6 Reasons To Give DIY Blind Installation A Try

Typically, when you buy a home or move into one that is a newer construction, the last thing you think of is window treatments - which can be a huge mistake. Although they aren’t factored into many home budgets, blinds, draperies, and shades can cost you a considerable amount, and in some areas of your home they’re necessary for heating, cooling, and privacy. If you are considering installing your own blinds, there are both advantages and disadvantages to doing so. If you have a “can-do” attitude, then there is no reason why you can’t give it a try. These are six reasons [...]

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Where American Travelers Can Go To Get The Most Out Of Their Exchange Rate

The value of the dollar has taken a huge hit around the globe over the past decade, which is making world travel more expensive for Americans. If you are looking to travel overseas, then you are still likely to get your money’s worth if you go to the UK and Europe, dollar for dollar. Economists are warning those who want to travel to more distant lands that their dollar might not be worth much in 2018, although the dollar is hopefully on an upswing. The value of the American dollar slid nearly 10 percent in 2017 compared to the British pound and [...]

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