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Large International Corporations Should Keep Their Mouth Shut on Social Issues

Georgia's new abortion law has been receiving a lot of attention from various industries, however, I believe most coproations should stay out of such a heated social issue.  Specifically, the initial reaction from Disney and Netflix is what grabbed my attention, mainly because, who the hell knew Georgia had a film industry? Who Knew Georgia had a Film Industry? I was shocked to learn that anything was filmed in Georgia! and it isn't just a few things, according to Forbes, Georgia acts as a prime production destination for the TV and film industry. In the U.S., it is the third largest production [...]

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3 Clever Ways to Make Money While You Shop

Online shopping is convenient, easy, and requires very little effort. No matter if you’re shopping for protein bars, clothes, or pet food, you’re sure to find it in the vast online marketplace. Another perk of shopping online is that with the right apps and websites, you can actually make money when buying your favorite products! These days, getting paid to shop isn’t just for personal shoppers. In fact, there are many different ways you can actually make money after spending it. If you’re serious about making your hard earned dollars go even further, this is the blog post for you. Keep reading [...]

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How to Have a Happy Marriage When You’re in Business Together

linked gold wedding rings on white background Marriage is wonderfully challenging at the best of times, but running a business together can present many more challenges you might not have anticipated at first. The added pressures and responsibilities that come with running a business together can start to take a toll on your marriage. This is completely normal and many married couples go through this when working or starting a business together. Does this sound like you and your partner? Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to keep your marriage and business running smoothly. Recognise your [...]

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Who are HENRYs?

I heard a term for the first time the other day, that I had never heard before and I found interesting.  Most people have heard the term, DINKs (dual income no kids), but I think HENRYs is a bit less popular. What Does HENRYs Stand For? When it comes to personal finance HENRYs is a an acronym that stands for: High Earners Not Rich Yet Apparently, and despite my unawareness of the term, the HENRYs acronym has been around for a while, The term HENRYs was coined in a 2003 Fortune Magazine article to refer to a segment of families earning between $250,000 [...]

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Types of Workouts

The new year is quickly approaching. Besides hitting it rich by playing online slots with rainbow riches free spins, a lot of people focus on new years resolutions for the new year. A lot of new years resolutions are geared towards weight loss. Gym memberships are started and new workout plans are explored to help people reach their new goals. Gone are the days where you just join a local YMCA and do a standard workouts. There are so many boutique style gyms that specialize in certain niche markets that the options are endless. Depending on your workout style you will be [...]

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