Retirement is probably the number one thing most older Americans worry about.  The posts in this category are about retirement and qualified planning.  Retirement accounts are often referred to as qualified because that is how they are usually classified by the IRS.

Five Ways to Fund Retirement Besides Your 401(k)

Consumers shouldn't make the mistake of assuming that a 401(k) account is the only option out there for having the funds to fuel retirement. In fact, there are a variety of options, and some of these alternatives might be the best choice for certain consumers. In order to plan best for your retirement, you need to consider all of your retirement options. Learn as much as you can about the pros and cons of the following five different types of retirement savings accounts before you decide on a 401(k). Traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs Individual retirements accounts (IRAs) are a great alternative [...]

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What is CAPE and Why am I Moving Future Contributions to my 401(k) to Cash?

If you follow the markets at all you can't avoid discussions of how overvalued the broad market as a whole may be.  I largely ignore the talking heads for two reasons.  The first there is always gong to be talk about a pull back (here are main stream articles from 2014, 2015 and 2016) and when the correction does happen there will be articles discussing how the market is going to rebound as well as fall more.  This leads me to the second reason I largely ignore it - for my 401(k) it just doesn't matter since I am 30 years or [...]

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Reviewing, Rebalancing and Reallocating my 401(k)

While I have been meddling with my 401(k) by buying and selling on huge drops and gains, I haven't actually reviewed my 401(k) for a few years!  That is probably way too long, but considering how often I am investing, trading, and generally moving money this is probably a good thing for me.  I am going to start from scratch on this project, and as such, first I will review my choices, then rebalance what I currently have invested and then reallocate my future contributions.  The past growth, and/or decisions I made (which I don't think are wrong) are irrelevant. Reviewing my [...]

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Why You Need An Emergency Fund To Save For The Rainy Days

Today’s hard financial reality can change your life in the blink of an eye. Financial crisis can hit on your door in all shapes and sizes taking the form of a job loss, home or car repair, or huge medical bills. Some people choose to liquidate their 401k plan or to borrow from their credit card. However, there is a more effective way to save for the rainy days: setting money aside in an emergency fund. Why is an emergency fund important? Most Americans borrow from their IRA accounts or withdraw money from their 401k funds to handle their financial emergencies. Although [...]

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Saving for a Better Future

If you start out with the aim of saving for a better future by retiring at a certain age then you need to be in control of your finances. While it is not a perfect science because of the fluctuations in growth rates you can at least make some assumptions about what you will need to have in place and therefore how you should go about building up your fund. Social Security will of course contribute but you have to be aware that it faces an uncertain future. Estimates suggest without a major influx of money benefits will fall by up to [...]

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