Written political opinion has been shared since humans could write! The internet has allowed bloggers a place to put their view on the world for everyone to see.  Most would classify my opinion as moderate libertarian.  I believe that government should be as small as possible while ensuring individual’s rights and freedoms.

Congressional Insider Trading Is Not Illegal…YET

Insider trading has been and always be a problem, however, I was shocked to find out that currently United States Congressional members are excluded from those rules that prohibit Wall Street professionals from insider trading!  Although that may come to an end according to an article in Advisor One titled, Congress’s Free Pas on Insider Trading, with the introduction of a bill named Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK). What would The STOCK Act Prohibit? According the article the following transactions will be prohibited: Prohibit members or employees of Congress from buying or selling stocks, bonds or commodities futures based on nonpublic [...]

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Is Your State a Socialist State?

States within our Federalist Society can act very differently from one another, for example, one State can allow same sex marriages while another can totally ban it then we sprinkle in a bit of the Federal Government and the Full Faith and Credit Constitutional Provision to make it all that more confusing. What does this have to do with a Personal Finance Blog? CNBC recently published a blog post titled, The Most Socialist States in America where they measured total expenditures as a proportion of total economic output to compare the size of the public sector in each state. Using recently released [...]

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What is COLA? And Why is this Soda Angering Retirees?

News has come out that Social Security payments will not be increasing this year for the 58,000,000 retirees across the United States. Social Security increases are known as Cost Of Living Adjustments, and social security isn’t the only one that increases because of COLA.  Many pension systems, deferred compensation techniques, annuities and even some buy-sell agreements rely on regular Cost of Living Adjustments. What is a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)? Cost of Living Adjustment is a change in an income stream to provide for inflation or deflation.  Generally adjustments are calculated using the CPI or the Consumer Price Index.  While COLA is [...]

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Examples of Public Waste Projects

While I go back and forth on whether I believe Keynesian Economics works in to the extent that it is being employed by the current Administration (and the last one for that matter) I am positive about one thing about Keynesian Economics – when the public is footing the bill waste will be plentiful. One of my favorite non-personal finance site is The Cato Institute.    They update it every couple days with editorials that were featured throughout the Country in major newspapers.  When I saw the title, "Just Another Government Pyramid" written by Jim Powell (originally appearing in The DC Examiner) I had to read the [...]

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Defense of Marriage Act Found Unconstitutional in One Federal District Court

I wrote about Defense of Marriage Act back in May when discussing the topic of Same Sex Estate and Financial Planning.  Well it turns out  that a Federal District Court Judge has determined it the piece of legislation is Unconstitutional.  Before I briefly describe the background and what happened, I want to mention that I believe that two consenting adults who love each other should be allowed to be recognized as a legal relationship (e.g. pro same sex marriage). What Is the Defense of Marriage Act? DOMA was enacted 1996 under President Clinton and it basically has two main parts: No state [...]

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