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I started my personal finance blog, myjourneytomillions, to share my personal financial situation in an anonymous way.  Sometimes I will highlight things that are going on in my  life that are not financial in nature.  In addition, in this category I share all my net worth updates.

Half Year Update – Goals and Objectives for 2019

It is shocking to think about being half way done with 2019! I usually don't give much thought to a half year update, but with the craziness that has been happening with regard to buying a new home and selling our current home, I thought it may be a good idea to take a step back and re-read my 2019 goals and objectives post.  Maybe see if I can get realigned despite the balls I am currently trying to juggle. My overarching goal for 2019 was/is to get back to the basics!  It is with that lens that I take a look [...]

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Net Worth Update – June 2019

As we finish up May and start June, it is about time to take a look at my financial score card and share with the interwebs how I have done.  I have been keeping my spreadsheet updated and sharing whether I have increased or decreased my net worth over the past month and year to date for years and years. I usually have a feeling as to whether the month is going to be good or bad - I am pretty sure this month is going to be a down month.  Between lower online income in May and the terrible market we saw in May 2019 [...]

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Home Sale and Purchase Update

It has been about 2 weeks since I wrote that I may be moving again, so I figured it was about time to come back here and provide future Evan with an update to read back and reminiscence. Home Purchase Update We received back the home inspection report (side note: really like who we used - stayed at the home with use for 2+ hours explaining everything and then provided us with a 125 page report with pictures! If you are looking for a Long Island Home Inspector I would check them out).  There were only a few issues: Biggest and most pressing problem [...]

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May 2019 Net Worth Update

Unlike most months where I am excited to calculate my net worth this month I am feeling a bit apprehensive.  While I know spending and consumer debt levels have had to increase, there is a possibility that my marketable securities along with long term regular debt repayments may cover up spending. Thoughts before calculating: I think this is going to be one of those rare down months.  While March included a Disney and two ski trips, April included a new leased car down payment and a few way above normal dinners.   Notwithstanding, I own a lot of Disney throughout many accounts [...]

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April 2019 Net Worth Update

With another month in the books it is time for me to calculate my net worth and share how it has changed month over month and year to date.  I am not sure how many people actually track their assets and debts outside of the personal finance world, but I am sure that if more people did the state of America’s finances would be in a better place. Thoughts Before Calculating: I usually have a feeling as to how my family has done over the past month.  I am pretty sure this is going to be a negative month.  March 2019 was an amazing month [...]

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