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I started my personal finance blog, myjourneytomillions, to share my personal financial situation in an anonymous way.  Sometimes I will highlight things that are going on in my  life that are not financial in nature.  In addition, in this category I share all my net worth updates.

May 2018 Net Worth Update

I know it is a tired thought reverberated since the time immemorial, but I can't believe how fast this year is going!  As I sit down to write this post, we are almost at the half way point for the year.  I am forced to think about the passage of time every time I write a net worth update, and sometimes that inspires me and sometimes it leaves me disillusioned.  This month I am left feeling overwhelmed - insspired to keep up the intensity but tired just thinking about the journey. Thoughts before I calculate my net worth: I usually have a [...]

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Net Worth April 2017 Update

Every month for the past 6 or 7 years I have shared how my net worth has changed month over month and year to date.  I honestly believe that calculating your net worth is a valuable exercise for any household.  Calculating your net worth provides a near immediate (30 day) feedback as to how your decisions have affected the bottom line. Thoughts prior to calculating net worth: I am almost positive that this month is going to be rough.  This likely to be the first time in 3 years that I have two negative months in a row! Between increased spending (The Wife [...]

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March 2018 Net Worth Update

I have been tracking and sharing my net worth changes month over month and year to date since way back in 2011.  I find that I honestly make different decisions knowing that I have to 'answer' to the unforgiving spreadsheet.  For example, I have prepaid debt faster knowing that I want to see that column on the spreadsheet go down, or I have worked on side hustles harder just to get cash cleared into the system.  It may not work for everyone, but I honestly believe that almost every adult would benefit from keeping a record of their net worth and updating [...]

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Thinking About Selling our Home

It feels like a lifetime ago that I first started updating this site with the painful process of selling my first home and the equally arduous process of finding a new home.   Since we have moved into this home The Wife and I have watched our baby boy turn into a real life kid at the age of 7.  Our daughter wasn't even conceived when we bought this home.  We have grown to absolutely love the community, and would not consider leaving the school district. So why are we even thinking about selling? The first reason we are selling is completely superficial.  [...]

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February 2018 Net Worth Update

With the first month done in 2018 it is time to update my net worth spreadsheet.  Writing this introduction prior to updating the spreadsheet, my gut is telling me that it is not going to be a good month for a few reasons.  The first is because The Wife's new business is now underway with payments going out, but few payments coming in (yet).  The second reason is that The Wife and I stepped up our travel game - going up to ski in Vermont with really good friends, booking Mexico for our family and Ireland just for us two for our [...]

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