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I believe that Personal finance encompasses all the decisions a person might make when it comes to cash flow, budgeting, retirement, investments, multiple streams of income, and insurance protection. Every adult is bombarded with decisions to make when it comes to all these areas of life and I try to help with my thoughts and opinions on the various topics.

Six Attorneys Who Affect Your Finances

At some period in your lifetime, you may need a legal professional to help you with a situation that can affect your finances. The following are some of the types of specialists you may see and how they can affect your income. 1. Civil Attorneys A civil litigation attorney is an attorney who can assist you with things like small claims and evictions. They can help you if you're a property owner who needs to evict someone so that you can get paid. These lawyers can help you with a variety of other situations such as theft to help you get back [...]

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Teaching Teens the Basics of Personal Finance

In a perfect world, every school district would require its students to take a course or two on personal finance prior to getting a diploma. While it’s true some schools offer classes on money management and other aspects of financial literacy, the vast majority do not. This leaves it up to parents and other adult role models to ensure adolescents have the knowledge and awareness necessary to successfully navigate the world of personal finance. Here are some tips for those trying to teach teenagers about the fundamentals of personal finance: Make it personal It can be difficult to appreciate the importance of [...]

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They Grow Up So Fast: 5 Ways You Can Start Saving for Your Child’s College Tuition Today

When you first had your child, you felt more pride and joy than you could imagine. But lurking right underneath these feelings are worries and anxieties for their future. It seems like yesterday your child could barely crawl, and today they’re ready to head off for their first day of school. You realize that college is coming up sooner than you think - and how will you pay? Do you need a life insurance policy? A new savings account? Here are five ways to make furthering their education more certain. Secure their future with a policy. Getting a life insurance policy is [...]

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Personal and Business Finances: Not So Different After All

What’s the biggest difference between home finances and goals and those of a major international conglomerate? Scale. Yes, there are vastly different sets of rules and regulations, but at the heart of the matter it really comes down to size. You may be skeptical but consider the following. Bookkeeping While a corporation likely has a large accounting department, often broken down between receivables and payables, and you have...well, you, the basic function is the same. That is to say, tracking income and expenditures. A big company is going to need significant payroll programs or freight audit software and possibly a system to [...]

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Investing in yourself — 3 exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career

Optimising your personal finances in order to feel secure and stable is a lifelong process that involves elements of trial and error. And good financial housekeeping helps you convert dimes to dollars no matter your choice of careers. But apart from investing wisely and being thrifty, there are other ways that help you hit your targets. When you want to invest in yourself, here are three exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career. Sports socialising If you don’t find trying to launch a small spherical object for hundreds of yards into a tiny hole infinitely frustrating, golf can still be [...]

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