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I believe that Personal finance encompasses all the decisions a person might make when it comes to cash flow, budgeting, retirement, investments, multiple streams of income, and insurance protection. Every adult is bombarded with decisions to make when it comes to all these areas of life and I try to help with my thoughts and opinions on the various topics.

Personal and Business Finances: Not So Different After All

What’s the biggest difference between home finances and goals and those of a major international conglomerate? Scale. Yes, there are vastly different sets of rules and regulations, but at the heart of the matter it really comes down to size. You may be skeptical but consider the following. Bookkeeping While a corporation likely has a large accounting department, often broken down between receivables and payables, and you have...well, you, the basic function is the same. That is to say, tracking income and expenditures. A big company is going to need significant payroll programs or freight audit software and possibly a system to [...]

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Investing in yourself — 3 exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career

Optimising your personal finances in order to feel secure and stable is a lifelong process that involves elements of trial and error. And good financial housekeeping helps you convert dimes to dollars no matter your choice of careers. But apart from investing wisely and being thrifty, there are other ways that help you hit your targets. When you want to invest in yourself, here are three exciting ways to boost your bank balance and career. Sports socialising If you don’t find trying to launch a small spherical object for hundreds of yards into a tiny hole infinitely frustrating, golf can still be [...]

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How to get money quickly for your business or investment?

A lot of us have been there before.  We need money for our business or an investment and don’t have the capital to turn to.  This can often be a problem because we don’t want to miss out on a great investment opportunity, but what can we do? There are a few options, and this article will explain the different options. First, what stuff you can sell immediately?  eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist is one thing you can do and that can get you money immediately.  Many times you can look around your house quickly and see tons of junk you can [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Financial Planner

It’s not unusual for someone to walk away from a meeting with their financial planner and not feel as though anything new was accomplished. This common experience leaves many people wondering if they’re actually getting something out of the situation. Chances are you’re reaping the benefits of having a financial planner, even if you don’t know it. However, it doesn’t hurt to make sure. With this in mind, consider the following in order to start getting the most out of your financial planner: Find a great one It sounds like a no-brainer, but how much time and effort did you put into [...]

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Where Does the Money Go?

The online lottery provider Lottoland recently did some research into just how the average American spends his or her money over the course of a lifetime. Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics they have uncovered some very surprising information about just where our money goes, and not all of it makes for pleasant reading! In order to avoid getting bogged down in reams of complicated numbers, they have presented their results based on a hypothetical $100 to represent the money we earn over a lifetime. Find out just how much of that hard-earned cash goes where! So where does the [...]

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