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Real estate investing has various benefits and challenges not associated with other investment vehicles.  There are specific tax codes made just for those investing in real estate, whether they are commercial or residential.

Retire Debt Free: Eliminating Timeshare Fees Helps Your Financial Plans

The timeshare industry is a multi-billion one. Fancy dinners in fancy hotels serve as the stage where agents sell annual vacations to couples financially independent singles. The promise of owning a piece of land one can call their “own spot in paradise” sounds enticing on paper but is very impractical in real life. This “everyone is doing it so it’s time to jump on the bandwagon” thinking is a great way to push the demand of timeshares. Unscrupulous salespeople bloat the cost of buying and exaggerate the benefits of owning a timeshare - they even go as far as telling prospective buyers [...]

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How to Decide Whether to Buy or Rent a Property

If you’re getting ready to move into your first home, or just relocating to somewhere new, there can be a lot of questions that you ask yourself at the beginning of the home searching process. One of the biggest things to consider can be whether you should be looking to buy or rent a place to live. Buying and renting can both come with pros and cons that make each option more or less suitable for different situations. You can make the best choice for your lifestyle by considering a few key points. Identify What Your Goals Are As with any major [...]

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The Financial Realities of Popular Living Situations

We all need a place to live. From a financial point-of-view, where we choose to live can be the most important decision we make. Whether it’s a mortgage payment, rent payment, or the fuel and maintenance to keep a van running (see below) the monthly cost of housing is usually the biggest bite out of our income. Choose wisely and we manage to have an affordable way to live comfortably and to improve our chances of building a stronger financial future. Choose poorly and we risk throwing thousands of money away needlessly and sabotage our financial security going forward. While we can’t [...]

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Choosing the Right Floor for Your Basement Renovation

Basement renovations in Winnipeg can be more difficult than other home renovations due to the nature of what you start with. When it comes to basement flooring, a homeowner might be limited by what lays underneath, what the conditions of the basement are, and by the budget that they have and what they want to spend. If you are renovating your basement to add additional space, what you intend to do with that space might have a big bearing on what type of flooring you want to choose. To play it safe, you should consider all factors before making the final flooring [...]

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4 Money Mistakes That Can Affect Your Ability to Buy a Home

For most young adults, buying a home and settling down are just some of their long-term goals. Accomplishing these goals will require a lot of hard work and Zen-like focus. Over 57 percent of Millennials polled in a recent survey claimed the main source of their stress was finances. Finding a way to get a handle on your finances can help you greatly in the future. In order to purchase a home, you will need a good credit score and down payment. The following are some of the money mistakes to avoid if you are in the market to buy a home [...]

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