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Real estate investing has various benefits and challenges not associated with other investment vehicles.  There are specific tax codes made just for those investing in real estate, whether they are commercial or residential.

The Potential Financial Advantages of Using an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your Property

Are you looking to sell your property, but you’re worried about the potential costs involved? It’s no secret high-street estate agents can charge pretty high seller fees; often running into thousands of pounds. However, the good news is, these days high-street agencies aren’t the only option available. Thanks to the World Wide Web, homeowners have numerous options when it comes to selling their property. You can list the house for sale on private websites for free, though you would need to do all of the work yourself. However, one particular method which could provide you with the same level of service as [...]

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The 4 Smartest Ways to Use A Reverse Mortgage

When you hit retirement age, one thing you don't want to have to worry about is keeping a steady income to support yourself, but unfortunately, that's the exactly the number one thing many retirees are stuck worrying about. No matter how much you plan and save for retirement, there's a good chance you're going to face unpredictable expenses and volatile markets, and unless you're fabulously wealthy, there are likely to come times when you're stretched thin. You may have heard of reverse mortgages as a way to take advantage of equity in your home to provide yourself with cash or a line [...]

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and Just Like That the Specific Rental Property is Dead

My last post was about a possible rental property I was very excited about possibly purchasing.  It was on the east end of Long Island, and could be used in the future as a possible vacation spot for those people involved in the deal.  However, as the title of the post indicates, the deal is all but dead.  I am pretty annoyed about it, but it is what it is. Regardless of how I ran the numbers I just couldn't get it to work if I was using debt (i.e. a mortgage) or if I was using the rental company which took [...]

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Taking a Second Look at a Rental Property

I honestly thought I would have owned a second (or even a third) rental property by now, but it just hasn't happened.  I looked at a property with a buddy way back in 2014, but if I remember correctly it ended up being way too big of a project for my firt investment property, and I didn't even go for a second look.  Again, my memory may be a bit off but I think the buddy I took a look at it with, did go back a few times but he couldn't come to terms with the price.  As I write this post, I am [...]

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Closing the Deal: Key Things to Consider Before Buying Commercial Real Estate

Buying commercial real estate can offer plenty of benefits, so it makes sense for many business owners to consider taking the step from renting to owning the business premises. A business owner who chooses to purchase commercial real estate can remove the stress of future rent increases, but there's also the potential for the property to increase in value over time as well. There's also the added benefit of being able to deduct the value of the loan, mortgage interest charges, and any depreciation in the value of the building from company taxes. While the benefits of buying commercial real estate can [...]

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