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Real estate investing has various benefits and challenges not associated with other investment vehicles.  There are specific tax codes made just for those investing in real estate, whether they are commercial or residential.

Another Housing Update – I am Now a Landlord!

Things have taken a very interesting turn in my world with regards to my home sale.  However, prior to getting into all the numbers, I think it may be prudent to go over what has occurred in the past year or two with regard to my primary residence and then my search for the perfect rental home. The Wife and I saw some very interesting things happening in our tiny real estate market on Long Island back in the beginning of 2018. Our first inclination was to put it on Zillow's "Make me Move."  We didn't get the traction or responses we [...]

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Selling Your Home? Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes (or Else)

Arthur Miller, the patron saint of geeky playwrights who end up marrying unbelievably hot women, once sagely observed that in life “maybe all that one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets.” Well, one assumes that Miller ended his days thrilled with regrets about hooking up with Marilyn Monroe. Even though their tumultuous marriage only lasted for five years, we’re talking about Marilyn Monroe here. What more needs to be said? However, one also hopes that Miller didn’t experience the all-too-common regrets — which are 100% miserable and never edifying — associated with selling a home. Here is [...]

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I May Be Moving Again!

I get reminded about it every 6 to 9 months, but one of my favorite things of running a blog for the past 10+ years is the ability to rummage through my archives and put myself back in that situation.  Prior to writing this post it was kind of cool to take a look at some of my older posts about moving from my first home to our current home and all the things that went into it - selling my first home and the emotions thereof, and then subsequently buying our current home (along 5 or so updates during that time [...]

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5 Need-to-Know Ways to Help You Buy Your Dream Home

Deep down inside your heart, there’s one dream you’ve forever clung onto, never letting it go no matter what. It is your dream of owning a nice, modern and beautifully furnished house in some place, far away from the noisy, chaotic life in the city. Maybe it’s a beautiful, modern apartment, a huge villa or just a house of your preferences. Or it’s just a simple, true Indian home in a leafy suburb. And because you would rather buy it than build from scratch, you haven’t really thought of hunting for it yet. You possibly can’t acquire it right now perhaps because [...]

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5 Cities around the world to invest in real estate

The entire world is now a global market in numerous aspects and now it is as easy to invest in real estate and stocks in the globe as it is to buy shares in your own land. The number of global investor over the last 10 years has grown at an exceptional rate. Iconic cities like London, New York, and Los Angeles have seen a huge inflow of foreign funds as investors from around the world are trying to buy properties in a major city. However, the most important essence of investing in any real estate business is expected returns over the [...]

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