Investing is broad, but necessary, category in a person’s personal finance world.  Leaving your savings in just cash never made much sense nevertheless at today’s rates.  Investing is often thought about in terms of buying stocks, but it is more than that, you could invest in an insurance based product, real estate, a business, yourself, etc.

I May Be Moving Again!

I get reminded about it every 6 to 9 months, but one of my favorite things of running a blog for the past 10+ years is the ability to rummage through my archives and put myself back in that situation.  Prior to writing this post it was kind of cool to take a look at some of my older posts about moving from my first home to our current home and all the things that went into it - selling my first home and the emotions thereof, and then subsequently buying our current home (along 5 or so updates during that time [...]

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May 2019 Undervalued Dividend Growth Screen

Every month, I buy a lot or two (a lot is currently defined as $500) of a stock that meets certain value metrics and has increased their dividend every year for at least 20 years.  For the first time this year we had a pretty good pull back in the markets in the past few weeks, and since we have another month underway figured it was good enough time as any to see if any consistent dividend growth stocks took an unexpected larger beating. Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Companies Dividend Growth History The very first hurdle that a company has to [...]

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James Dondero and Highland Capital Management Make a Difference in Texas

After a long, illustrious career, James Dondero co-founded his own firm and is now the president of that firm. The firm is Highland Capital Management, and it specializes in high-yield and distressed investing. He is also at the forefront of the firm's collateralized loan obligation or CLO market. Highland Capital Management is in the business of offering its clients CLOs, ETFs, REITs, mutual funds, private equity funds and hedge funds. After James Dondero opened Highland Capital Management in 1993, he became a big deal in the alternative credit industry. Today, the firm is assisting private investors with their distressed accounts, equity accounts, [...]

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5 Need-to-Know Ways to Help You Buy Your Dream Home

Deep down inside your heart, there’s one dream you’ve forever clung onto, never letting it go no matter what. It is your dream of owning a nice, modern and beautifully furnished house in some place, far away from the noisy, chaotic life in the city. Maybe it’s a beautiful, modern apartment, a huge villa or just a house of your preferences. Or it’s just a simple, true Indian home in a leafy suburb. And because you would rather buy it than build from scratch, you haven’t really thought of hunting for it yet. You possibly can’t acquire it right now perhaps because [...]

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JD.Com Spruces Up Its Efforts In Fashion Design Business is the largest e-commerce and business in China. It is known for bringing a transformation in online business not only in China but in the whole world. Since it opened doors in 2004, this business has consistently created new channels that allow customers to enjoy better services. As the largest e-commerce platform in China, it has made major investments in fields that have shown signs of tremendous growth in recent years. The fashion industry is a lucrative sector that is attracting billions of dollars every year, and it has positioned itself as a prime player in the fashion industry by setting [...]

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