Options investing is a field that most people do not know about. I am currently involved in selling naked puts and covered calls, but I hope to cover advanced options strategies eventually.  Options trading and investing has to do with taking a position that a particular stock may go up, down or stay the same which makes the contracts very versatile.

Revisiting the Greeks of Investing

The "Greeks" is a wildly used terms when it comes to options investing/trading.  The term comes from the letters of the Greek alphabet being used something totally not related to the Greek language, or culture, but rather as a very specific term or formula as it relates to options risk and pricing. Despite trading a lot of options contracts every month I have never built a strong foundation when it comes to understanding 'The Greeks.'  The reasoning is probably because when it comes to options I am mainly self taught once a friend taught me about selling naked puts.  I taught myself [...]

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How Did Madoff Claim He Was Investing People’s Money?

Not unlike a large amount of people in this country I find the Madoff scandal fascinating, so when I saw HBO was doing a movie with Robert DeNiro I was pretty excited.  I find the story so intriguing for a few reasons, but the main two are that I know a few people personally affected, and to a much larger extent, it builds into my obsession with wonder just how many people are completely faking and full of shit.  While watching, Wizard of Lies,  with The Wife I started to wonder what the hell was Madoff's claimed strategy? I am completely familiar [...]

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Selling my First Strangle

In effort to learn different income producing options strategy I have been reviewing various strategies and deciding whether they are appropriate for me to actually trade.  Lat week I reviewed the very popular Strangle Option Strategy and prematurely stated, it isn't something that I would be interested in selling any time soon.  It took another blogger, JC from Passive Income Pursuit, to force me to look at the strategy from a different angle.  His single comment gave rise to me selling strangles! How Does Selling a Strangle Option Work? While my post defining a strangle option went into much more detail, a [...]

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Options Strategy – Understanding the Strangle

It has been over a month since I taught myself a new options strategy.  Unacceptable.  This year I have researched and written about bull put spreads and the straddle.  I have implemented the bull put spread, but have yet to implement a straddle.  Well, next on my list the strangle. If you are brand new to options, or do not have the basics down you are going to want to check out my basic post on the call and put. What is a Strangle Options Contract? A strangle options contract is when you buy/sell a call and a put with the same [...]

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Options Strategy – Understanding the Straddle

There are a ton of different options trading strategies out there, and I am attempting to learn one at a time.   I am learning while I am writing.  If I can’t explain it with some sense of clarity then I don’t understand it myself and I either need to spend more time on the topic or I should stay away from the strategy. The last strategy I took a look at was the Bull Put Spread.  Since learning and writing about it I have actually sold two or three contracts in the first week after teaching myself the technique! I doubt [...]

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