Dividend Investment Portfolio

//Dividend Investment Portfolio

I attempt to screen and purchase undervalued dividend growth stocks. These companies have increased their dividend for at least 15 years and have a lower than average price to earnings (PE) ratio, a higher operating margin, a low price to book, a reasonable dividend yield and payout ratio.  This is easily my favorite part of my financial empire.

Undervalued Dividend Growth Watch List May 2018

As I highlighted in my last post, I have taken a new approach to finding undervalued dividend stocks for the next few months.  I am going to rely on the Aquirer's Multiple technique to find undervalued US listed stocks and then I am going to cross reference those companies with those companies that have increased their dividend for over 20 years to come up with the watch list for this month (and the months going forward). What is the Aquirer's Multiple? The Aquirer's Multiple is a valuation method that attempts to find attractively priced companies that may be considered for take over.  [...]

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Creating My New Undervalued Dividend Growth Screen

About 6 months ago I came to the realization that, I do not know what makes a stock 'undervalued' nor do I believe most people do either.  If there was one fool proof method then no other methods would exist!  Instead, I decided to make the conscious choice to apply a different method every 6 or 7 methods and adjust accordingly.  Well as fate would have it about 2 or 3 weeks before it was about time to take a left turn on the valuation method I was using, I was listening to a podcast that I absolutely love called the investor's podcast.  On [...]

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April 2018 Dividend Growth Undervalued Watch List

Every month I apply certain screening metrics, defined below, to sift through those companies that have increased their dividend for at least 20 years.  The screening metrics will change every 6 months, since I am not convinced that I have a fool proof way to determine when a company’s stock price is undervalued. Thoughts before the screen:  With volatility creeping back in vogue, I am not entirely sure what to expect in terms of an outcome.  My hope is that some of that volatility has spilled into some of these long term dividend paying companies.  Maybe, an unloved sector provides me with [...]

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March Dividend Growth Portfolio Update

At the current time this is probably my least favorite post to prepare of the three that I do monthly.  While I definitely like preparing this post it is far behind screening for my next purchase, and way further behind preparing my net worth post every month.  I think the reason is that this particular account, while it is my favorite account, is tiny in comparison to my net worth.  I am hoping in the next few years that the account will be so large and the income so significant that this moves up in priority. My Undervalued Dividend Growth Stock Purchase [...]

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Screening for Undervalued Dividend Growth Stocks – March 2018

These screens have been happening deeper and deeper into the month, I think I'll have to change that going forward.  Notwithstanding my (self imposed) tardiness, I finally finished my screening process to provide me with a watch list of undervalued dividend growth stocks.  As a reminder, almost every single month for the past few years I created a screen to buy a lot or two (a lot being $500) of a company that has increased their dividend for at least 25 years (using the dividend champion and dividend contender lists).  The screening metrics will change every 6 months, since I am not convinced that [...]

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